Drug Charges on Phoenix Jones

In the late 2000s, the phenomenon of “real-life superheroes” became hugely popular, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe was in its starting. Phoenix Jones was the most well known of these characters.

Phoenix Jones: popular costumed hero

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Jones became the most popular costumed hero and activist in the city in that time frame and has recently retired his persona in 2019. He achieved national press because of his antics. Jones documented his adventures on a YouTube channel where one of the videos posted by Jones has crossed over 1 million views.


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Like other heroes including Captain America, Hal Jordon and Superman, Jones had got himself on the wrong side of the law. Ben Fodor was arrested on January 9, 2020 and was charged with two counts of violation of the uniform control substances act. Fodor was accused of allegedly selling drugs to undercover officers. Jones was released from jail on January 11 and is now scheduled to appear in court on February 3rd.

Jones in a fight

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When he was operating as a hero, Jones was involved in multiple highly publicized incidents which includes stopping car thieves, pursuing attackers in altercations and stopping fights. A police report noted that Jones was the one who approached the arguing groups and said “I’m a superhero” before pepper-spraying those involved in a fight. Jones was released on bail with the charges that were dropped later.


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