Dwayne Johnson Has Teased His Black Adam Costume In New Teaser!

Dwayne The Rock Johnson has finally unveiled a new look at Black Adam just before the DC FanDome 2021. Fans are expecting a lot from the event and many surprises and announcements about upcoming projects.

Dwayne Johnson was the first choice to play the role and even was roped in the long back but the movie got stuck in the production limbo for years until they got it back on track in April of this year. Production was wrapped up in July and that is why it gave plenty of time to be tuned before its July 2022 rollout.

Black Adam

Originally Black Adam was supposed to debut in Shazam but things did not go as planned and Warner Bros. decided its best for him to debut in his own flick.

The movie is of course introducing Black Adams but additionally, it will also introduce the Justice Society of America which will be formed of Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Cyclone, and Atom Smasher. Black Adam is set to have its own segment at DC FanDome and they are already teasing at what the fans can expect from the movie!

DC Comics
Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson has taken his Instagram to share a brand new teaser for the movie. The same features many different shots including those of the Black Adam’s costume and even highlights the details of his suit which has been confirmed isn’t padded!! The clip also includes wide shots of the character.

Pierce Brosnan who is set to play Doctor Fate, also commented regarding their film saying “nothing compared to this”. Check out the video here

The DC FanDome 2021 is set to run for four hours. Considering the number of projects that will feature the chances are that each of the segments will be quite brief. But that doesn’t mean fans would be content with the amount of time given to each segment.

For Black Adam, there is a chance that Johnson will be dropping the official trailer for the movie and it’s just less than a year before it hits the theatres and thus marketing should be starting anytime soon. And we are loving Johnson’s enthusiasm for the film!

Source: Screenrant

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