Snyder’s Justice League will soon appear in March and this time Jared Leto’s Joker will make an appearance.  Whether Heather Ledger from the Dark Knight or Joaquin Phoenix from Todd Philips’s Joker. But designing and presenting character is not everyone’s cup of tea. The new look of Joker is replaced by a visage that looks like a creature who crawled out of the basement of a long-abandoned insane asylum.

Snyder's justice league
Snyder’s Joker new look

Not many people were happy with the Justice League rant’s announcement by Snyder’s Joker. But they were also expecting that he would significantly improve the Joker character, and it happened. The readiness to watch the Synder’s Justice League increased among the fans. Let’s discuss Each Change in Snyder’s Justice League Cut Has Made To Jared Leto’s Joker.

In Snyder’s Justice League Whole Costume Is Different

Gone are the face tattoos and slicked-back emerald undercut hairstyle of that movie. He even wore an ostentatious outfit with thick, purple leather jacket abundant with cumbersome gold chains around the nape and has green hair with indistinct makeup. Then what will be your initial reaction? Undoubtedly, outlandish and irritation will surround you. However, the audience was feeling a similar blend of expression after watching Suicide Squad. This new take on the clown prince of Crime reimagined the character as more of a gangster streak away from the Anarchic scare factor DC fans loved about earlier incarnations.

Snyder's justice league
Snyder’s Joker new look

But now Zack Snyder has lay hold of the responsibility of improving Leto’s Joker on his shoulders through the Justice League film. Consequently, he released two new looks of Joker. In the first look in the official black and white promo, viewers saw Joker in the hospital gown, making him look like a Frankenstein monster. This look is somewhere in between DC’s Justice League and Suicide Squad. Joker’s look is indeed somewhat similar to Batman Arkham Asylum but dirtier and dingier than that one.  However, as revealed by the latest Justice League trailer, Joker’s primary costume incorporates a baggy white shirt and a SWAT vest covered in badges. This morbid attire is far more familiar ground for Joker, even without the trademark purple suit.

In Snyder’s Justice League Tattoos are abolished in new attire

Leto's old Joker look
Leto’s old Joker look

Another reason to dislike Joker’s character in the movie “Suicide Squad” is the innumerable tattoos. Character “j” was inked on his forehead, and a lot of HAHAHA. The damaged word written on his forehead is enough to add disfigurement. Even the criminal equivalent of Batman getting “O-R-P-H-A-N-E-D” signed across his finger knuckles. Joker’s look designer idea ridiculously failed in the audience’s eyes.

Snyder’s Joker tattoo abolished in the new look in contrast, Zack Synder decides to laser Justice league’s Joker. As per the official portray, Leto’s tattoos are either hidden or distracted. So far, Lato has perceived only in a full sleeve shirt, which breaks down the glimpse of his antecedent tattoos. He may have concealed his shoulder and chest tattoos as a school-going child does to avoid punishment. Contrastly, being annoyed with his ancient look, he might have baths in white color or have undergone a painful laser procedure. Official News will reveal the answer and fans are delighted by his new fantastic look. 

Completely modulated Voice

Voice modulation in joker
Voice modulation in joker

Jared Leto’s Joker has only one discourse in the Synder’s Justice League trailer “we live in a society where honor is a distant memory – isn’t that right Batman.” Synder has crisped a lot of labor in getting Joker’s modulated voice. Further, Joker’s high-frequency tone in 2016  “Suicide Squad” seems gibberish. In Contrast, Synder’s Joker low pitched modulated voice ultimately did justice with let’s jocker. However, Leto’s tone was a huge reason that turned the Oscar-winning actor’s performance downwards. Above all, the storyline and the vague outline create wonder in declining his value. 


Even though the Joker has only dialogue in the Synder’s Justice League trailer; the solemnity and lucidity are adequate to feel the viewer’s heart. This development further intensifies the dark side of the Joker. Speech of Synder’s Joker seems like a bloody wretch is meant to roar at his opponent. Joker’s current voice gave him a different identity. Finally, let’s Joker found his voice. 

Batman and Joker makes an ally

Joker and Batman are two different sides of the same coin, but the recent Snyder’s Justice League trailer demonstrates the point inaccurately. However, Batman and Joker presence in official look  discloses the relationship in the middle of them. 

Joker and Batman forms an ally
Joker and Batman forms an ally

Further, Leto’s Snyder cut returns as a part of the Knightmare timeline, which means a post-apocalyptic future. Darkseid has haunted  Earth and reforms the landscape. Batman leads the team of Resistance Fighter with the remaining member of the justice league. They will break several rules to travel in time and unlock what the ruler of Apokalips did. But he might’ve found an accidental partner in Joker.  


The audience’s expectations outstretch a level following the news of Synder’s Justice League arrival. Initially, spectators were anticipating changes in Joker’s personality. Indeed, after the appearance of Joker’s official look, viewers became assured. Zack induces several changes in Joker’s character, and these uncomplicated changes put life in the persona. Please comment down your point of view regarding the new Joker look in Snyder’s Justice League. 


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