Each Film and T.V Appearance Of Mary Jane From The Spider-Man Universe, Positioned.

Mary Jane and Peter Parker are often paired in most of the versions of Spiderman adventures . However few movies didn’t pair them together.

Spiderman meets his neighbor’s niece Mary Jane through a blind date , organized by their respective aunts. The relationship was on and off since then , yet a budding romance is spotted every now and then.

Mary Jane is one of Peter Parker’s prime love interests . She has appeared in both live-action as well as animated versions of Spiderman. Her character developed immensely throughout the films , gaining popularity and praise from several fans. Let’s checkout how MJ established a mark outside of the comics.

12. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

Spiderman, Mary Jane, Peter Parker

In The Amazing Spider man 2(2014) , Sony pictures primarily concentrated on Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker’s bond.

However Mary Jane was supposed to be in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but Shailene Woodley joined the crew and filming few scenes began , until her role was chopped off from the film.

Battling with Green Goblin ,Gwen falls off the bridge and dies , With her demise in the second film , MJ’s scenes were to appear in the third movie. However it was cancelled and Shailene Woodley’s role as MJ was a brief one till date.

11.Spider-Man (1967-1970)

Spiderman, Mary Jane, Peter Parker

In the 60’s , Mary Jane’s appearance in the animated series of classic Spiderman , made her a meme material back then. She looks distinct compared to MJ comic version.

Spiderman’s MJ is Peter’s friend , a niece of the chief of police. MJ only appeared once in the animated series .

10. Marvel Rising (2018 – Present)

Spiderman, Mary Jane, Peter Parker

The Marvel Rising franchise presents a new team of heroes that form together as the powerful Secret Warriors and live in their own flow of comics and animated movies that show new types of characters like Gwen Stacy/Ghost-Spider, who first appear during the Marvel Rising: Initiation shorts.

This genre of the character is the drummer in a band called The Emm-Jays, it’s none other than Mary Jane Watson. Though the character and her past haven’t been inspected much beyond her link to Gwen.

9. Spider-Man: Unlimited (1999-2001)

Mary Jane, spiderman, Peter Parker

Peter Parker is sent on a mission to Counter-Earth in 1999’s Spider-Man: Unlimited . Spider-Man encounters the High Evolutionary and the Venom and Carnage symbiotes in the process.

Mary Jane Watson momentarily appears in the pilot episode before Spider-Man leaves Earth, and he repeatedly takes her name in his heart ,chanting it to himself, while on Counter-Earth, although she doesn’t appear in any of the storylines on the brief series.

8. Marvel’s Spider-Man (2017 – Present)

Spiderman, Mary Jane, Peter Parker

While Mary Jane doesn’t feature much in Disney XD’s recent animated film of Spiderman, however, the character appeared on Marvel’s Spider-Man briefly, just like her slow first presence in the original comics.

Mary Jane first appeared at a high school football game, in a mascot costume. She was finally revealed later in the season with a stylized look.

7. Spider-Man: The New Animated Adventures (2003)

Spiderman, Mary Jane, Peter Parker

In Spider-Man: The New Animated Adventures in 2003 the series like that of the Sam Raimi films dived deep into the lives of Peter Parker, Harry Osborn, and Mary Jane Watson.

Mary Jane craves for Spiderman’s affections. The villains target her during her time at Empire State University. The series didn’t give scope for her character development as they couldn’t go beyond portraying MJ as a desperate damsel-in-distress throughout.

6. The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008-2009)

Mary Jane’s appearance in The Spectacular Spider-Man as Peter Parker’s neighbor, friend, and high school classmate never bloomed into romance, yet her appearance in the series was still crucial for the plot.

Therefore, not only did The Spectacular Spider-Man’s usage of Mary Jane portray her and Peter’s bond emerging in the comics as never-ending friends, but it also gives scope to Mary Jane’s character to explore herself and display the skills that make her one of Spider-Man’s prime characters.

5. Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994-1998)

Fox aired the hit Spider-Man: The Animated Series, which aired for five seasons, giving rise to several variations of comic plots pairing Peter Parker with different lovers like Felicia Hardy/Black Cat and Mary Jane Watson.

Mary Jane’s comic originality was loyally retained, Peter and MJ’s connection is well-explored in the animated version. Though later on MJ supposedly dies in a plane crash, mimicking Gwen like scenario. Although the series ends with Spiderman, denying her death, believing she’s alive somehow.

4. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (2019)

2019’s animated Spider-Man: Into The Spider focuses mainly on Miles Morales conversion into Spiderman after Parker’s death, a dream turned into reality. Mary Jane briefly appears in this film.

Mary Jane is the widow of the dead Peter Parker, she addresses the crowd at his memorial about his fierce victories. Young Miles is present too, whereas MJ interacts with alternate Peter.B. Parker, who’s motivated to work things out with his own MJ.

3. Marvel Cinematic Universe (2017-2019)

Spider-Man enters the Marvel Cinematic Universe after striking a deal with Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios that feature him in the Avengers franchise, while also appearing in a new standalone franchise that mixes the conventional and Ultimate comic versions of the character in 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Zendaya is a high school classmate of Peter Parker’s who prefers to be called MJ. The new MJ returned in 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home as she discovers Spider-Man’s disclosed identity and steps into a possible affair with Peter Parker, which will be examined in the forthcoming MCU continuation.

2. The Raimi Trilogy (2002-2007)

Mary Jane Watson was played by Kristan Dunst in Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man trilogy featuring Tobey Maguire as the formal hero launched in 2002 and introduced teenage Peter Parker and his high school crush and neighbor, Mary Jane.

MJ portrayed by Dunst retained the comics’ originality. It showed parts of her abusive father, her desire to become an actor, and her former model life along with the depiction of her multiple failed affairs before meeting Peter Parker.

1. Ultimate Spider-Man (2012-2017)


Mary Jane’s character stands out in 2012’s Ultimate Spider-Man series. It later on aired as Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors and Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister Six. In this adaptation she becomes a journalist turning her dreams into reality. She turns into wicked Carnage Queen in the animated series. Further, she takes over by becoming the ultimate Spider woman.

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