Chapter 2 of ‘Elseworlds’ premiered tonight, giving fans a twist on an iconic moment.

The second episode saw Kara Danvers, Oliver Queen and Barry Allen fighting Dr John Deegan in Gotham while Team Flash and ARGUS try to figure out what’s behind the “red skies” plaguing their cities. Eventually, they speculated that the red skies were because of someone trying to break into Earth-1 and that person was Earth-90’s Barry Allen.

While attempting to arrive on earth-1 for the first time, Earth-90 Barry appeared through a blue portal, in which he delivered a message to those watching about The Monitor and Book of Destiny. The portal then closed and the group didn’t meet Barry until later on in the episode.

For DC fans, this was familiar as we saw Ezra Miller’s Flash delivering a similar message in BvS: Dawn of Justice. We see Bruce Wayne waking up from his sleep only to see a version of Barry warning him about what’s to follow and how Lois Lane is the key.

Both these scenes are their own homage to Crisis on Infinite Earths, which saw the Flash delivering an ominous message to Batman before turning to dust.

Keeping in mind the various teases that ‘Elseworlds’ and Arrowverse already dropped for “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. It’s still unclear when the Arrowverse will get to that event, but these little teases are making the journey more enjoyable.

You think of the scale of it, and what this character means, and him being introduced into the DC TV world, the first person when you think when you think Monitor is you think Anti-Monitor,” Garrett admitted to “So, the scale — where’s this going? And then when you think Anti-Monitor, the next thing you think of is Crisis on Infinite Earths. So if you keep doing that to yourself, it makes it too much on your shoulders when you are going into it. You have to think about it later. To me, I’m a former athlete. When you think about the big games, the bowl games, you think about the Super Bowl, you think about the World Series, and you ask those players, ‘what does this mean? This is a huge game, this is the biggest game ever.’ And they downplay it. They don’t want to think of it. After the game, they’ll tell you how much pressure they were under, and how much stress. They couldn’t sleep at night. So leading up to it, it’s like they’re trying not to think about that, because if you make that moment bigger than what it is, it’s gonna get the best of you.”

“I immediately, Anti-Monitor, Psycho-Pirate, Pariah, you just start thinking of all these names…so that’s when I went and looked, and saw who is already in place, and who they would have to introduce to bring on the big picture,” Garrett said. “And that was fun part for me too, ’cause you know, as a fan, as a comic book fan, that’s where I would hope it would go to.”

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