While the “Elseworlds” crossover ended on a major high note, it also left many questions unanswered.

The episode sees Oliver Queen, Barry Allen and Kara Danvers in a new predicament as Dr John Deegan decides to manipulate reality by turning himself into an evil version of Superman.

The Flash and Supergirl decide to race around the Earth in different directions to stop time and Deegan from rewriting reality. Green Arrow knew that this would kill the heroes and he confronted the Monitor, asking what could be done to change Flash and Supergirl’s destiny. The Monitor agreed to help, asking something in return but we don’t get to see what that is as the camera cuts away just before that.

So, what could Oliver Queen have agreed to sacrifice? It’s still very early to say anything but the episode’s stinger did pan out some possibilities. We know that the “Arrowverse” will be doing “Crisis on Infinite Earths” next year and given its storyline, there’s a chance that things have already been forecast.

In the comics, both Flash and Supergirl meet tragic fates, with dying at the hands of Anti-Monitor. The Arrowverse has already established the fates of these two in a way, with Flash’s “vanishing in crisis” being teased since the show’s beginning and Supergirl showing a visual callback to the character’s “Crisis” death. For most of it, Green Arrow wasn’t a part of it although “Golden Age Green Arrow” technically perished with the destruction of “Earth-2”.

Now, given the situation Where Oliver has seemingly struck a deal with The Monitor, it’s possible that he has agreed to trade his life in exchange for Kara or Barry, with him agreeing to sacrifice himself once Infinite Crisis actually happens. This will provide an emotional conclusion to the show that started the Arrowverse and will also fulfil what Amell has argued Arrow’s “last arc” would be, especially now when Emiko Queen has taken the mantle of New Green Arrow.

“The only thing that is left for him to do – and he doesn’t need to die to do this – is he needs to leave a legacy,” Amell said on a podcast appearance earlier this year. “Because we have all these other shows that exist. So whether Arrow continued on in the absence of Oliver Queen, or someone else took up the mantle of the Green Arrow… I think leaving a legacy is the last box left to tick for the character.”

But then, Crisis is still a year away and there’s no telling what tone would the creators use in the meantime. Either way, fans are really excited to see what happens to Oliver Queen and the rest of Arrowverse heroes.

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