Before playing the role of Daenerys Targaryen, Emilia Clarke also had a role in Iron Man 3 before the major changes bought in the script.

Emilia Clarke Was Cast in Iron Man 3 Before Script Changes
Emilia Clarke Was Cast in Iron Man 3 Before Script Changes

Together, Pearce and Black developed a script that would see Tony Stark stripped of his Iron Man suit and The Mandarin as the villain until the twist came that he’s a fake. This backbone of the story, also loosely based on the Extremis comic run, is seen in the movie that hit theaters in 2013, but it also changed substantially. Iron Man 3 originally featured Maya Hansen as the secret main villain of the piece, but Ike Perlmutter had this changed out of concerns over toy sales of a female villain.


Writer Pearce posted a photo on Instagram from an early table displaying the presence of Emilia Clarke as a major cast of the movie. Pearce didn’t reveal which role she was playing exactly but her mere presence which was later cut out by the script. ‘Pearce’s post doesn’t make clear who Clarke was playing.’

Clarke being a part of the MCU came as a huge shock to both Marvel and Game of Thrones fans, but the announcement was not made public due to some genuine reasons. And when fans came to know about the news they are still imagining the role she would play.

“There are only three significant female roles in the movie as a whole, and one of them is Pepper Potts. She could’ve been initially the one courted by Marvel to play Maya when she had a more significant role. If that was the case, then it is likely Clarke stepped away after they reduced the size of the part. If she wasn’t going to play Maya, though, she could’ve played the role that eventually went to Stephanie Szostak or a completely different character who was cut from the script entirely.”


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