Emma Watson as Hermione Granger might have secured a place in the pop culture history but it seems like the actress isn’t scared to dress up like another beloved female character.

Watson took to Instagram recently to share a picture of hers that features her in a Wonder Woman costume while posing next to Yoda. The post also plugs in her feminist book club Our Shared Shelf.

For all the Harry Potter/Hermione Granger fans, this photo might come as an absolute delight as she has often been fan-casted for various DC roles in the past, including that of Poison Ivy and Batgirl.

While it’s still unknown if Watson will ever enter the comic book niche, she most certainly has a passion for positive representation of females in genre movies, something that began with her portrayal of Hermoine in the Harry Potter franchise.

“Hermione was that perfect example of turning on its head this initial prejudice that she gets,” Watson said in an interview last year. “Hermione finds a way to wield her intelligence and becomes really the leader in this group of two other boys and that’s kind of the role that she assumes. Harry is much more intuitive. Ron is just along for the ride. Hermione is the one with the plan. She’s in control.”

“If I asked a young boy what superhero they looked up to, I feel a lot fewer would say a female one than in reverse, which is a shame because I feel like we need to live in a culture that values and respects and looks up to and idolizes women as much as men,” Watson said. “I think that’s starting to slowly change, but it is something that does actively need to be addressed.”

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