Endgame Fan Observes Captain America’s Shield Fixes Itself In Endgame’s Final Battle

Avengers Endgame Fan Observes Captain America's Shield Fixes Itself In Endgame's Final Battle
The final battle in Endgame saw Captain America holding his shield with one hand, and Mjolnir with the other

Even when you’re the biggest film of all time, there’s always the chance for a little blunder, and that seems the situation with Avengers: Endgame. Since fans have almost had a week to go through the movie after it’s been released digitally, one eagle-eyed Avengers fan saw that Captain America’s (Chris Evans) shield fixed itself in among the motion picture’s most essential minutes.


Captain America’s Shield In Endgame’s Final Battle

Right after Thanos (Josh Brolin) defeats the ever-loving crap out of Steve Rogers and breaks his shield in half, everyone who was dusted, along woth others show up with portals and also it’s here Captain America’s shield magically reappears whole, as you can see in the picture below.


So I watched the portals scene again in HD and noticed that Captain America’s shield is still intact even though Thanos wrecked it. from marvelstudios


Passing the Shield To Sam Wilson

Passing the Shield To Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson/Falcon will don Cap’s shield and take the mantle of Captain America

Though numerous thought Captain America would be the one to lay down his life warding off Thanos, the shield-wielding personality managed to make it entirely with the motion picture, eventually giving his guard to Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie). Many thanks to the marvels of time travelling, Cap is currently a senior man in the present timeline– either Captain Americas, as described by Avengers: Endgame writer Stephen McFeely.


Avengers: Endgame Co-writer on the film

Avengers: Endgame Co-writer on the film
Stephen McFeely co-wrote Avengers: Endgame

” Here’s exactly how we reconcile it. We assume there have always been 2 Caps from 1945 to, say, currently, as well as we didn’t know that. That’s the loop, right?” McFeely informed Backstory Publication. “It’s not Back to the Future policies; it’s branch fact rules. This is not tipping on a butterfly that transforms the globe into Biff’s casino. You can’t modify your future by returning to the past. We created our very own time travel rules wherein, as the Ancient One says if you eliminate an Infinity Stone from a timeline, that produces an alternate reality.”


Watch the trailer for Avengers: Endgame here:

Source: Comicbook, Movieweb

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