Before it April release, fans have already seen numerous fan theories regarding Avengers: Endgame. One similar fan theory suggests that our heroes will find themselves travelling amongst alternate realities to undo the events of Infinity War.

Originally posted to /r/Marvelstudios by /u/CaptainKyloStark, the theory states that the surviving Avengers will travel across other realities to recruit the heroes back who got dusted away by the Decimation.

The user believes that all those dusted by Thanos’ snap are actually dead. The remaining heroes will now have to find a way to flip between realities, something Dr Strange hinted as he viewed the 14,000,065 potential futures in last year’s Avengers.

The heroes would also travel to multiple realities and pick up that universe’s version of the heroes they know of, such as an alternate universe version of Clint Barton, who has become Ronin or a universe where Pepper Potts originally dons the iron suit to become “Iron Woman”.

The theory adds that the heroes travelling amongst alternate realities is unnatural and that’s where “the greater threat” comes into play. Since Tony Stark, Cap and company will be travelling the multiverse, the user believes that one of Marvel’s cosmic entities, such as The Living Tribunal or Infinity will make their MCU debut, in order to restore the multiverse to its previous state.

The greater threat scenario, obviously, was verbiage used on toy packaging that leaked last year, saying Rocket Raccoon would have to team up with a new crew to “guard the galaxy from an even greater threat.”

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