Endgame: Fan-Theory Suggests How Banner Will be Able to Turn Back to Hulk

Thor: Ragnarok started a 3-film story arc for the Green Goliath which was proceeded in Avengers: Infinity War and will end in Avengers 4. Ragnarok prodded the way that the Hulk needs to be out there in charge carrying on with his life the manner in which he wants, but then Infinity War sent him into his resting room after the beat down that he got from Thanos. Avengers 4 will certainly show Banner transforming once more into the Hulk but the central issue remains that in what manner will it precisely occur.

The Russos revealed that the Hulk was simply tired of saving Bruce’s life over and over again. He was tired of being utilized as the muscle just when Banner required him to turn out, and that explains his refusal to return and battle for Banner even in crucial circumstances. However, looking at the concept art for Avengers 4, fans have reached the conclusion that we will see Professor Hulk where Banner will be in control of himself and Hulk will take care of all the physical work.

So for that to occur, Bruce may have made an arrangement with the Hulk who enables him to control the minds and steer the wheel even when he is out. However, a fan on Reddit has an exceptionally dark and increasingly ruthless theory which brings Hulk out of his shell. The theory recommends that Thanos will actually kill Black Widow which would make the Hulk truly lash out! This is what the theory peruses:

“Thanos will put Natasha’s life in danger which will get Bruce really angry but still not hulk out. But then she will eventually die which will finally unleash the Hulk – but plot twist! It’s just a Reality Stone trick. Widow isn’t actually dead, Thanos just wanted to unleash the Hulk like Loki did in The Avengers. But this time, he’ll Mind Control Hulk to help him fight against [the other heroes].”

Personally, I don’t think Natasha will die in the film but envisioning this little piece would not just heat up the blood of the Hulk but would also anger each fan that would be out there in the theatres! Here’s what another fan has to say:

“I actually think vice versa, from how easily Thanos dispatched the Hulk in Infinity War. He will not see him as a threat at all and might simply be killing Black Widow as an example to other Avenger aggressors. Of course, this will enrage and traumatize Banner/Hulk to the point where they both feel absolute fury and reach a strength which Thanos could never have anticipated, leading to a brutal beating that comes close to ending the Mad Titan’s motives completely and ultimately fulfilling the traditional comic lore of why Thanos considers the Hulk one of the few beings he never wishes to confront directly.”

All things considered, I would contradict this theory. According to me, we will see Professor Hulk towards the second Act of the film, however, in any given scenario, Thanos can’t kill Black Widow. She can’t bite the dust in view of the coming A-Force film where she leads (her so film would be a prequel).

Thanos may harm Widow and that makes the Hulk lash out like he never has! Thanos will get a mind-blowing beating and comprehend why he shouldn’t have disturbed the Hulk. Furthermore, Hulk will have his revenge on Thanos for what he did to him in Avengers: Infinity War which will end his story arc on a high note as he resigns from the franchise.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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