Endgame: Fan Theory Suggests What Had To Happen In The One Scenario Where Avengers Win

During the final act of Infinity War, when Doctor Strange viewed over 14 million futures, it created many opportunities for fans to speculate on how the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will take out Thanos.

Now one theory that has been gaining some popularity online, says that Strange made sure to pay more attention to the time he handed his Time Stone to The Mad Titan.

Shared by user /u/Smegsaiah, this theory further states that Scott Lang entered the Quantum Realm during the post-credits scene in Ant-Man 2, the chances that Thanos’ snap happened during the few moments Lang was in the dimensions are really negligible. Because of this, it adds that Strange was just holding off Thanos as long as he could so that Thanos’ snap would happen right as Lang entered the Quantum realm.

Although the theory doesn’t dig deep into the fact as to why Strange needed Lang to get trapped in the realm, the options are endless. In such a less time, we’ve already seen the Quantum realm in Ant-Man and it’s clear that space and time move differently where Lang is trapped. Though she appeared in flesh for a few minutes, it was clear that Janet Van Dyne was deeply affected by the realm.

Now, since we know that Lang managed to exit the Quantum Realm, thanks to the trailer, the dimension could play a huge role in helping to bring down Thanos. It’s yet to see whether it’s something the heroes will use to trap Thanos or use its unique energy source to boost their powers.

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