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‘Endgame Mystery Image’ By Russos May Have Been Decoded By A Fan

The Russos are no stranger to tease Marvel fans with mysterious images regarding the upcoming Avengers: Endgame films and one might have solved one of their cryptic teases.

The tease was released in early October when Russos released a washed out blue image of.. something. A hint of an object can be noticed on the right, but it fades to white as it gets closer to the left. There were a few guesses that came out of it. Now with the Endgame trailer out, one fan thinks he has an answer.

User Carter122 posted a side by side of Iron Man’s damaged helmet on Reddit next to the image released by Russos. The helmet shows up in the initial parts of the trailer as Stark records a video message to Pepper. We’re unsure if the ship is just drifting or if he is taking it somewhere but as you’d know when you zoom in, the tease looks like an extreme close up of the glowing eyes of Iron Man’s helmet.

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So remember a while back the Russo brothers posted that bizarre image of a blue headlight, I think I found the answer. from r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers

“So remember a while back the Russo brothers posted that bizarre image of a blue headlight, I think I found the answer.”

At that moment, the helmet is recording a message and the eyes are hence lit up blue, generating a projection towards Tony. This explains why the image starts out blue on one side and fades closer to white on the other. Hopefully, the Russos will deny or confirm the theory.

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