Avengers: Endgame left fans with the traumatic memory of their favourite heroes. This includes the much loved Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff. Meanwhile, we have found peace of mind with the farewell of the superheroes from Avengers: Infinity War, it is taking us much more time to deal with the last movie. With no assurance on whether our favourite superheroes will return or not we savour the great moments, these characters have left us with. To add to the pain that Stark’s death left us with, his last words from the script will make the wound deeper.

“Hey, Pep”

"Hey, Pep"
Tony Stark with his daughter Morgan

As Tony Stark attempts his sacrifice that will save the world, he attempts to say “Hey, Pep”. The scene shows him trying to mouth the words. Stark had after finally settled with the love of his life Pepper Potts after Thanos’ first snap in Infinity War. In Endgame, we get to see that the couple have a daughter by the Morgan. The phrase “I love you 3000” that Stark says to Morgan has been one of the most heart touching dialogues in the movie. The former playboy billionaire settling into family life was so heartwarming to see. But it had to end in tragedy.

The Tragic Sacrifice

The Tragic Sacrifice
Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame

Turns out that Iron Man’s last words were “I’m sorry.” According to page no. 135 of the Avengers: Endgame, Tony Stark’s eyes meant to say sorry to Pepper. He must have felt that he was leaving his wife alone with the responsibility of raising their daughter. Along with the grief of losing Tony, this would be a hard task on Mrs Stark.

“I am Iron Man”

"I am Iron Man"
Iron Man and Pepper Potts

According to Director Joe Russo, the last thing ever filmed was the fatal “I am Iron Man” and that it was shot in LA near to the stage where Robert Downey Jr. took the screen test for Iron Man released in 2008. This is rather coincidental that the start and the end of the legendary superhero took place in the same place.

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