Endgame Theory Suggests That Vision Lived – And Could Save Everyone

Embedded with the Mind Stone in his Marvel Cinematic Universe make a big appearance, in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Vision was on a collision course with Thanos from the earliest starting point. That sad moment happened in the climactic clash of Infinity War, amid which the Mad Titan tore the Infinity Stone from the android’s forehead, apparently wrecking him. Or on the other hand, did he?

Another fan theory about Avengers: Endgame contends Vision really survived his confrontation with Thanos – or if nothing else his conscience did. Posted on Reddit by user wheresthetrigger123, the theory places that in his last minutes, Vision moved his consciousness into the Mind Stone before the jewel was removed. It assumes, at that point, that using the power of the artefact, Vision had the ability to make Thanos trust he had snuffed out a large portion of the collected heroes when, in fact, they were raced off to elsewhere.

The theory brings up that, when Scarlet Witch destroys the Mind Stone, successfully murdering Vision, the impact bringing about the body of the engineered hero being broken like the artefact itself. On the other hand, when Thanos rewinds time and tears the Stone out of Vision’s head, the android’s body stays intact as he crumples into a dark husk. The discrepancy between Vision’s death implies that the Avenger may have tried to stop Thanos, with the Infinity Gauntlet turning into a kind of Trojan Horse for his consciousness.

There are a few issues with the theory, obviously. Infinity War special visualizations supervisor Dan DeLeeuw recently uncovered it was the Power Stone that wiped out a portion of all life known to man and not the Mind Stone. While Marvel Studios has since affirmed the Mind Stone is sufficiently powerful to intuitively impact even its users, its mind-modifying effects are much more subtle. Subverting the staggering repercussions of the snap is an exponentially bigger hallucination, even with Vision’s guiding hand.

The possibility that Vision is secretly affecting Thanos from inside the Mind Stone is an extreme change to the character’s built up powers. While Vision and his associates have constantly watched him develop, the ability to move his consciousness into the Stone and afterwards promptly harness its powers against its user is a lofty expectation even for the propelled android.

But, shouldn’t something be said about the change in Vision’s deaths, regardless of whether through the activities of Scarlet Witch or of Thanos? One essential distinction is that Wanda devastated the Mind Stone using her broadly tremendous, if nebulous, powers, while Thanos evacuated it. The Mind Stone’s pulverization may have expended Vision in the resulting blast, while its evacuation left the hero without a power source, similar to an electronic gadget that has been unplugged.

So by what method will Vision make his return in Endgame? All things considered, the hero wasn’t dusted like a large number of his teammates, but rather killed, or “deactivated,” by the evacuation of the Mind Stone. In addition to speculations of the enduring heroes utilizing time travel to save the day and invert the impacts of Thanos’ destructive snap, others have proposed that Shuri had the ability to at any rate partially move Vision’s awareness into Wakandan PCs before being hindered by the Black Order.

Vision is ensured to assume a crucial role in Avengers: Endgame, but while Thanos’ snap will be fixed through the span of the upcoming sequel, a hallucination caused by Vision appears as though a cop-out. Apart from the effect of Infinity War’s ending, it would imbue Vision immense, new abilities that resist explanation (for instance, why he would stretch out the hallucination to influence his fellow Avengers, including those on Titan, whom he doesn’t know exist). Either through Wakandan tech or time travel, Vision will certainly keep away from his troublesome end, yet his more prominent salvation won’t originate from filling in as a deus ex machina.

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