Unused Endgame poster by Kode Abdo

Kode Abdo (also known as BossLogic) proclaimed an exclusive poster of Endgame on 2 April 2019, for Atom Tickets.

The poster features the surviving Avengers with a column of flames ripping through the center. At the foundation of the fire, Thanos uses the Infinity Gauntlet, right above him, is Captain Marvel. Gauging a historic showdown within the two Marvel characters.

The Poster provides a better Inside-Story of the Movie.

Take a glance at that poster, and Endgame thoughts will flow through your soul but look closer, notably the location around Bruce Banner and Thor, and you might observe something unusual.

It seems as if Avengers is fading in the background, and they are turning to ashes by Thanos. The scraps are describing the initial notion of the poster.

But as it didn’t make the final cut: portraits of six main Avengers. Those include Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Thor, Black Widow, and Hulk, who are turning to dust. 

Abdo Statement on the Poster

Kode Abdo

“There is some stuff that is unused, essentially the poster’s character turning to dust,” Abdo addresses in an email. “I admire the idea, but we have to drop it as it being too nosy”.

He also gave us various images, showing the ultimate Avengers: Endgame poster in different development stages. Abdo discusses the medium he uses to grow his art. It includes Photoshop for 90% of his job, a computer mouse, a drawing tablet of Wacom Cintiq.

He gave the following advice for those who are seeming to turn their fan-art into a career. “All the people who ask me for guidance, I suggest ending the procrastination and start the work. It is perpetually going to be slow. But as prolonged it is your passion, the further you create, the better you will perceive. All the sort of stuff like money will begin in time.”

How Abdo got his First Opportunity

Back in 2019, Comic-Con at San Diego, in an interview with Kode Abdo, was asked how he end-up working for the poster of Avengers: Endgame.

He unveils that the collaboration with them was over the last year in the planning. “They got in touch with me as they relished my craft. Thus I end up going to the studios and office, headed with a great chat in 2018. But it was quite late for Infinity War,” Abdo responded. “So they assisted me in getting in to produce stuff for Endgame, and the rest is history. From that project, I got additional offerings”.

Take A Look at the Poster Below:

Endgame alternative poster

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