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Avenger: Endgame’s ending was one of the most melancholic endings in the history of Hollywood. No one can deny shedding tears during the whole movie. It was a combination of perfect management with limitless efforts. Presently, everyone is addressing a wave, a wave of ‘Endgame’.

sebastian reveals behind the scenes
Sebastian Stan reveals about Robert Downey Jr.

Iron Man’s funeral witnessed every character in the MCU.

It’s a very well established fact that Iron Man emerged about to be the true hero. And Iron Man’s funeral was the most emotional scene during the whole movie. A person who sacrificed himself for the prosperity of the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe. His funeral had to be great and memorable. As a result, his funeral was attended by every super-hero in the entire MCU to pay a tribute to the legendary hero. But do you know what’s the most surprising thing? The actors were not made aware of it being a funeral scene.

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Sebastian Stan said, “I was told there was a wedding. There was a wedding we were filming. I was like, ‘who’s getting married?’ And I was looking around everyone was very formal.”

Chris Evans in an interview
Chris Evans in an interview
Suits used in the movie
Suits used in the Avengers Endgame

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Robert’s contribution to MCU is something more than words could express

The memorial was organized by keeping it in mind that it is the largest tribute given to Tony Stark. His contribution to the Marvel Cinematic Universe was beyond words. It was not only the end of Iron Man but also Robert Downey Jr who lead the MCU for more than a span of 10 years. The movie-makers ensured the presence of every character whose existence was directly/indirectly created by Tony Stark. It is believed that Stark was the only person to receive the script prior to the shooting. Sebastian was dead by the end of Infinity War but was brought to life with the help of the infinity stone.

Here is the trailer for Avengers: Endgame-

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