Endgame’s Setup For The Spinoff Of Loki Was An Accident

Marvel’s upcoming Disney+ series Loki happens to be a complete unintentional chalk out. Yes! That’s right. The previous year itself Avengers: Endgame screened a broader aspect and angle of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And Avengers defeated the most destructive villains of all times, Thanos once and for all. However, Endgame opened doors of different callbacks and timelines even though it was an end in itself.

The movie allowed exploring the backstories of the heroes once again whom we lost in Avengers: Endgame.  Among many returning to big screen, one of them is Loki the Trickster God.  Though he got killed by Thanos in the Infinity War, no one was ready for this loss. However, the fans eagerly wanted Loki to return to MCU. So here he is. He’s returning well and fine with an exceptional timeline.

Loki’s A Fan-Favourite Evil-Force.

The Trickster God: Loki

Tom Hiddleston played the role of Loki in numerous MCU movies. He got introduced as Loki in Thor 1 in 2011. However, after that, he played the role of Loki exquisitely, and since then, he has become a fan-favorite. So, in turn, Loki’s name and fame oversaw the creation of the new series. Loki’s new MCU series entirely focuses on his life and how he becomes the God of Mischief. This is the third series of the MCU, which might get its debut in 2021 spring. But there are numerous rumors regarding the delayed release due to the pandemic.

The shooting and production of the series have shut down, and no one knows when it will resume. However, the delays in the release didn’t lessen the hype. As fans are waiting to see what exactly happened after the 2012 version, Loki already has the Tesseract which he stole in the Endgame. The hype is real!

Endgame gave a ray of hope for the Loki fans, for real.

In Avengers 4 the movie played with many past timelines and gave a new hope for the future of Loki. It showed how Loki disappeared along with Tesseract in between a hassle. So this summed up that Loki’s Tesseract theft was an intentional set up for the Spinoff.  But, the set up was not as intentional as it seemed. In relation to it, Stephen McFeely was questioned in the Endgame’s watch party, did the Marvel’s higher officials have them to entail the twist to get Loki back to the silver screen? However, he answered, “No! We just thought it was a juicy way to upset the heist.”

Is this an unintentional set up to bring back Loki, Again?

The Loki Series

As far as the series is concerned, the shoot will be stalled until the Pandemic’s over. 

However, the Tesseract plot twist almost killed Avengers’ plan to defeat Thanos and Loki drifted apart with it. So he created a wrench in the timeline that needs an acknowledgment. This will give fans an insight of what exactly happened and what’s going to happen next. So MCU ended plotting an unintended series on Loki for its audience. This shows how revered Loki is among the MCU fan base. However, the series comes out next year, hopefully. And the fans will get a chance to find out what happens after he created his new timeline. Are you excited enough to see Loki and his struggles that are yet to be explored? All of us are. Let the hype grip in and stay.


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