Epic Amazing Spider-Man Action Scenes That Prove It Wasn’t As Bad As You Think, Ranked

With Andrew Garfield rumored to be reprising his role from the Amazing Spider-Man movies in MCU’s No Way Home, we take a look at some of the movie’s best action scenes.

Peter Fights In The Subway

Subway Scene

The moment the hero discovers his newfound abilities and fends off the bad guys is always a sight to behold. Peter finds his body changing and this is way worse than puberty. His hands stick to many objects unintentionally. The other commuters mistake his antics for Peter trying to fish for a fight with them. The scene was wantonly made hilarious and funny. The action is full of humor and light-hearted. But there are naysayers who say the scene was unnecessary. Many people in the subway saw Peter’s powers in action and should have easily identified Spider-Man‘s identity since he too has similar powers.

Spider-Man Vs. Electro

Final Fight Scene – TASM 2

Electro had so much potential (science pun!!). But The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wasted Jamie Foxx’s character by making the movie about way too many villains. Apart from Electro, there was Green Goblin and even small appearances by other Spider-Man villains like Rhino and Black Cat. The climactic battle between Spider-Man and Electro was pretty anti-climactic with Electro’s demise being not as visually spectacular. But Spider-Man was indeed aided by Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy, smashing that “damsel in distress” trope every superhero’s love interest is known for.

The Times Square Attack

Times Square Scene

Probably the most visually stunning action sequence in any Spider-Man movie, the Times Square scene holds a special place in our herts. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 really helped redeem Andrew Garfield‘s Spider-Man. he had a new suit and much better visual effects. Electro, who is angry that Spider-Man forgot him, lashes out randomly at people in the Time Square. It is up to Spider-Man to save the day and stop people from turning into a human potato chip via electrocution.

Lizard Invades Spider-Man’s School

The Lizard

The Amazing Spider-Man managed to do the impossible by finally bringing in the live action avatar of one of the most overlooked Spider-Man villains ever. The Lizard took his sweet time to blossom into a threat throughout the run-time of the movie. One of the most adrenaline pumping scenes was when he attacked Peter’s school in the movie. This is the first time we see Spider-Man use his signature battle humor. The scene does not feel forced and is very different from the action sequences we got in the previous Sam Raimi Spider-Man films. The Stan Lee cameo was just icing on the cake.

Spider-Man Takes Down A Car Thief

A More Comic Book Accurate Spider-Man

Many claim Andrew Garfield could never compete with Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man. But that is not true. while Maguire was a better Peter Parker, Andrew Garfield is still the best Spider-Man. The scene where he takes down a car thief and runs away from the cops is testament to that fact. We see a very playful and cocky wall-crawler who likes to goof around before saving the day. The scene is especially intriguing because Garfield’s portrayal of the friendly neighborhood superhero is as close to the comic books we have ever come in a live action Spider-Man movie.

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