The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had a lot of jaw-dropping moments until now but this one all-time best moment is getting its own POP, and Marvel fans are going to flip out!

The latest addition to Funko’s POP moments series will be recreating a funny moment from Marvel’s The Avengers (2012), which came towards the end of the movie. Remember the scene where Loki gets really upset and declares himself a God before getting interrupted by Hulk who slams him back and forth into the floor? Yes, we’re talking about that!

It was an amazing moment, something we all cheered for in the film, and now thanks to Serlentpops, we can see the exclusive POP by Funko that clearly shows Hulk slamming Loki into the ground with a petrified expression on Loki’s face. We don’t know its cost yet but it will cost somewhat around $25.

This figure is also a part of The First Ten Years line of Funko Pop figure, which also introduced Thanos on his throne earlier. Funko will reportedly be dropping in more pop figures and we really hope that they feature a Baby Groot dancing with Drax just looking forward in the background. For now, we have to just wait for more releases.

Meanwhile, Hulk will return in Avengers 4 though sadly, we won’t be seeing Loki onscreen anymore after his death in Infinity War was confirmed as permanent by Tom Hiddleston himself.

Avengers 4 will hit the theaters on May 3, 2019.

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