Eternals Full Timeline From Creation To Main MCU

Now that the Eternals is here, let’s talk about their entire timeline from their creation to the journey into the main MCU. Director Zhao’s vision is pleasing some and not settling well with some. Regardless, hardcore MCU fans are just happy that they got to see a whole new team of superheroes in action. The movie explains the roots of the Eternals but it could be a little confusing. One of the biggest questions that fans might still have is that they didn’t interfere in main events that were vital to human life? The answer is simple – they weren’t deviant. So without further adieu, let’s talk about their entire timeline.

Billion of Years Ago

Eternals: Entire timeline explained
Eternals: Entire timeline explained

A piece of information that even the Celestials kept a secret from the Eternals is that they aren’t really humanoids born on the planet Olympia. Instead, Arishem and the first Celestials used the World Forge to build incredibly advanced robots whose memories are wiped every time they fulfill their mission. Taking into account that they can spend thousands of years looking after civilization, it’s safe to assume that they have been around for billions of years.

Millions of Years Ago – Deviants Arrive

Eternals - Deviants are on Earth
Eternals – Deviants are on Earth

The Deviants are the real enemies of Eternals. Even though the movie shows the first contact of Eternals of humans 7000 years ago, they dive into a flashback further deep to show when the deviants first arrived. The creatures arrive as a meteorite-like fireball destroying everything in sight. This suggests that Deviants were the ones who were responsible for the extinction of a lot of species, such as Earth’s dinosaurs.

5000+ B.C.

Eternals - Sersi introduces humanity to agriculture
Eternals – Sersi introduces humanity to agriculture

Finally, the Eternals arrive at Earth. They save the Earth from Deviants and save humanity. During all this, they also persuade humanity to achieve technological advancements. The movie reveals that humanity picked up speed with Sersi’s introduction to agriculture, including achievements in weaponry, culture, etc. This leads to the rise of the Babylonian Empire.

400 C.E. – Ikaris & Sersi’s Wedding

Eternals - Sersi and Ikaris marry each other in 400 C.E.
Eternals – Sersi and Ikaris marry each other in 400 C.E.

The movie briefly shows Ikaris and Sersi’s wedding and all of the Eternals together. They are seen tying the knot at the height of the Gupta Empire in India, 400 C.E. Even though the movie doesn’t say it, the Gupta Empire actually brought scientific advancements into their region, which is also the courtesy of Eternals, inexplicitly.

1521 C.E. – The Fall Of Tenochtitlan

Eternals - Druig uses mind control to stop a 1521 battle
Eternals – Druig uses mind control to stop a 1521 battle

This is the first lowest point for the Eternals as a group. 1521 shows the Spaniard conquistadors led by Hernán Cortés lay a siege to the Aztec capital city of the Tenochtitlan. This is where the Eternals reinstates their stance on the future of the planet and the free will of humanity. However, here, Druig stops the battle using mind control changing the Mexican history in the MCU.

1945 C.E. – Hiroshima

Eternals - Phastos reacts to Hiroshima destruction
Eternals – Phastos reacts to Hiroshima destruction

Phastos reacts to the destruction caused to Hiroshima and starts blaming himself for the damage. Even though he wasn’t directly to blame, he still felt guilty as he provided the means for the atomic bomb. Also, this is the earliest scene where Eternals overlaps with any major event shown in the MCU so far: WWII.

Present Day

Eternals - Ikaris kills Ajak and feeds her to Kro and the Deviants
Eternals – Ikaris kills Ajak and feeds her to Kro and the Deviants

Now, let’s talk about the week before the emergence. Ajak’s surprising death is explained by Ikaris as he states he had to do what Arishem ordered him to. A week before the emergence, Ikaris feeds Ajak to Kro and the Deviants, imbuing the creatures with her powers. Producer Nate Moore has confirmed that the movie overlaps with Spider-Man: Far From Home’s ending and the beginning of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Present Day MCU, 2024 – The Emergence

Eternals - Emergence of the Deviants
Eternals – Emergence of the Deviants

Most of the Eternals take place six days after the death of Ajak which is simultaneous to Spider-Man: Far From Home. Here, the Eternals are fighting the last Deviants and Ikaris’s betrayal is pretty simple. By this point, Kingo has impersonated many of his Bollywood ancestors, Phastos has been taking care of Thena, Makkari has been collecting artifacts, Gilgamesh has watched over 20 generations of the Amazons, Phastos has formed a family (not for long). On the other hand, Sersi and Sprite are living in London with Ikaris not too far from them.

Two Weeks Later – The Post-Credit Scene

Eternals - Post credit scenes
Eternals – Post credit scenes

The two post-credit scene takes place two weeks after Sersi turns Tiamut into a statue in the middle of the ocean. It’s possible that Arishem materialized in front of Earth and seized Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos around the same time that Pip the Troll brought Eros abord the Domo. Dane is obviously pissed that his girlfriend is gone and he takes out the Ebony Blade. So, what’s next?

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