Eternals: How Powerful is Starfox Than Thanos?

Harry Styles’ self-centered portrayal of his Marvel’s Eternals character Starfox raises questions about Titan’s powers and what he’s playing at in the MCU. Since Thanos is a formidable foe, any relative who’s associated with him could have the potential to cause major problems for the Avengers. However, Starfox’s brief appearance in Eternals failed to reveal anything about his potential or fighting skills.

Starfox in Marvel Universe
Starfox in Marvel Universe

The movie did not get into the details about who exactly Starfox is. But there was a definite sense that he will play an important role in future films including the sequel of Eternals. When Pip the Troll introduced the Titanian prince as a hero who has traveled across space and time to save all worlds and galaxies, it became hard to not imagine how Styles will fit into next year’s Phase 5 lineup of films about outer space. He could be an Avenger, though that seems very likely at this point given how serious Disney is taking its plans for Marvel Studios.

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Starfox In The Marvel Universe

Starfox in MCU
Starfox in MCU

One can only hope that Starfox will be as powerful in the MCU as he was in the comics. But if we look to his brother and how he was utilized in Marvel Comics, we might get a better picture. Even though his brother is an immensely powerful mutant with incredible powers at his fingertips, it doesn’t stop him from facing challenges every now and then.

In the comics, Starfox used to manipulate people’s pleasure centers using telepathy. But he could do so much more than that. He could teleport himself anywhere in space or time instantly, could fly, and had super strength when needed. Yet there were times when not even the most powerful abilities fell short of what was needed to overpower his brother alone.

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How Much Power Will Starfox Have In The MCU

Starfox and Thanos in MCU
Starfox and Thanos in MCU

If Starfox’s powers are at all similar to his comic counterpart, it’s likely that in a one-on-one fight with Thanos, he could have fared better than many of the Avengers. And though he might have been strong enough to make an impact, he would have lost in a one-on-one showdown. The comics have proven that Starfox is strong enough to hurt him and fast enough to dodge several of his blows. But he typically struggles to hold up against Thanos’ physical might in prolonged encounters.

Starfox’s brother, Thanos, has been neutralized. There won’t be a future need for conflict between the two brothers in any subsequent MCU movies. Once defeated, Thanos’ villainous reign came to a halt. So at this moment, it’s uncertain who would have been more powerful: Starfox or Thanos! Though there is a good chance that those two were enemies during Thanos’ reign of terror and even preceding it. If so, we will learn more about Starfox’s past and possibly his history with his brother if he ever makes another appearance in the MCU.

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