Eternals: Writes Explain Why The Key Character Had To Die !

The duo Kaz and Ryan Firpo who are the writers of Marvel’s recent film; Eternals went on to explain why one of the most important members of the group had to die. The cousins share attribution for the screenplay with the directors Chloé Zhao and Patrick Burleigh, while they are the sole holders of the movie’s story credit.

Eternals was actually filmed pre-pandemic but it made it to the theatres just last week and the official premiere happened in October.


The movie’s titular group of superheroes is immortal and have lived among humans for 7,000 years prior to the present-day events, they turned out not to be entirely incapable of dying. During a confrontation with the power-absorbing Deviant Kro, the super-strong Eternal, Gilgamesh sacrificed himself to protect Thena, his incapacitated true love.

The character had been an emotional anchor for The Eternals and many fans even questioned the decision to kill him off.


In their recent interview, the Firpo duo assured Marvel fans that he wasn’t selected at random from the group. From a plot view, telling the fans that Eternals could die was important, but Gilgamesh’s death was a crucial part of Thena’s character arc.

According to Kaz, choosing someone whose death would have reak meaning within the story ensures that the audience felt its impact too.

Here’s what they said:
The Gilgamesh death… we wanted to make sure that you really cared about the people we were losing, that was really important to us. It wasn’t like we just went and reached into the Eternals cap and said, “Sorry, Gil, it’s your turn.” I really knew that for Thena’s journey, for her arc to really mean something, that she had to lose someone. And we also needed to make sure that the stakes were high. That, yes, you are… you’re immortal, but you’re not invincible, and I think that was an important thing. If you can’t kill them, then why are we watching this movie?


Of course, Ajak is the first Eternal to die also being killed by Kro. But this was more ” obviously essential” according to Ryan for the movie’s plot forward. Her death went on to create a “power vacuum” in the team that put Ikaris, Ajak’s assumed second-in-command, and Sersi, her surprise choice to succeed her.

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