Even Rihanna’s Legendary Sass isn’t Formidable Enough to Escape PETA’s Wrath as Animal Rights Group Humiliates $1.4B Rich Singer, Demands She Stop Wearing Real Fur for Their Fake Fur Coat

Rihanna is a powerhouse in the music industry, known for her bold fashion choices and entrepreneurial spirit. As a global icon, she has the ability to influence trends and set standards in the fashion world. However, her latest fashion choice has caused controversy among animal rights activists. PETA, an organization dedicated to animal rights, recently targeted Rihanna for wearing a real fur coat. The organization’s letter appealed to Rihanna’s maternal instincts, urging her to switch to faux fur in order to protect animals and their families.

Rihanna Receives PETA Letter Regarding Fur Coat – The Hollywood Reporter
Rihanna’s Fur Coat

Rihanna has previously shown support for animal-friendly fashion, receiving PETA’s Compassion in Fashion award in 2020 for her line of faux leather Fenty products. However, this latest incident has sparked debate and raised questions about the fashion industry’s relationship with animal rights.

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PETA’s Plea to Rihanna

In a letter to Rihanna’s team, PETA appealed to the singer’s protective instincts as a mother.

As a mother, you know what it’s like to feel protective and to want to make sure no harm comes to your family, Please understand that this desire – this instinct even – is shared by the minks, foxes, and rabbits who are torn away from their families and killed for their fur.”

Rihanna Shows Off Her Baby Bump in a Luxe Fur Coat and Jeans

PETA also offered to take Rihanna’s fur clothing and donate them to survivors of recent earthquakes in Syria and Turkey who have lost their belongings and need warm clothes to survive the winter weather.

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Rihanna’s Fashion Choices

Rihanna is known for her bold fashion choices, often pushing the boundaries with avant-garde looks. She has been spotted wearing real fur on numerous occasions, but she is not against vegan materials either. In fact, in 2020, PETA presented Rihanna with its Compassion in Fashion award for releasing a line of faux leather Fenty products.

Rihanna Returns to Puma – WWD

“PETA recognizes and thanks Rihanna for making her new FENTY capsule collection completely leather-free, showing off chic and cruelty-free vegan clothing that is both animal-friendly and better for the planet,” the animal rights activists wrote on their website.

Rihanna’s silence on the matter leaves the public wondering if she will switch to faux fur, but it is clear that PETA will continue to call out celebrities who wear real fur.

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PETA’s History of Calling Out Celebrities

PETA is known for calling out celebrities who wear or promote the use of animal products. In January 2022, Dakota Johnson’s new campaign with Gucci was criticized by PETA. The year prior, in June 2021, both Drake and Jack Harlow came under fire by the organization for featuring racing horses in a music video.

PETA visits Penn campus with virtual reality experience criticizing animal experiments | The Daily Pennsylvanian

Even Ciara and Russell Simmons were publicly targeted by PETA last year after bringing a new puppy home. The organization slammed them for seemingly getting the dog through a breeder versus adopting at a shelter.

PETA’s mission is to raise awareness of animal rights and promote veganism, and they will continue to call out celebrities who do not align with their values.

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