Every Exact Moment In The Comics These Popular MCU Villains Were Born

Marvel fans never have to guess what made the MCU villains go bad. Thankfully MCU villains always get their screen time about their origins. Marvel makes sure that the fans never miss the big moments about the heroes and villains.

We get to watch both MCU villains, as well as heroes, gain their powers! Here are these exact moments MCU villains were born!

1. Mysterio – Insulted by Tony Stark


Let’s face the facts, had Tony Stark been kinder to his employees, things could have gone quite smoothly for everyone in MCU. Tony Stark made fun of Quentin Beck’s life’s work and didn’t even credit him properly. This was an insult to the inventor and he explained the same in his speech to the former Star employees who were wrong by Tony in different ways!

But what made things worse was the fact that Tony gave E.D.I.T.H to a “child” (aka Peter Parker) instead of them or the government. So, Beck along with his associates go all out to get E.D.I.T.H back from Spider-Man.

2. Sylvie – Taken Away by TVA

Loki – Sylvie

Sylvie’s back story was quite heartbreaking! She doesn’t cause a Nexus event since she was born as one! Sylvie is a variant of Loki that was born a woman. That’s the reason TVA had to prune her.

In her backstory, we see TVA kidnaps her while she is playing with her toys. But when she is in captivity, she still manages to run away. And as we know, TVA then just runs behind Sylvie to arrest her since she is set to take down the “organization”.

3. Hela – When Odin Abandoned Her

MCU Villains

MCU has left no stone untouched to make it clear that Odin is neither a perfect parent nor a ruler. Thor: Ragnarok introduced the fans to the third sibling aka Hela. She is the goddess of death and is determined to take Asgard’s throne.

Hela revealed to her executioner that she is doing all this since she was betrayed by Odin. Odin had just used Hela to conquer the Nine Realms. And once he did, he locked her away because it was “time for peace”.

4. Killmonger – Found his Father with Panther Claw Marks

MCU Villains

Erik Killmonger grew up outside of Wakanda. The tension between prince N’Jobu and his brother about their disagreement on Wakanda’s foreign policy was well explained in Black Panther.

N’Jobu wanted to take weapons from Wakanda and use them to arm the oppressed around the world. And for this reason, he was killed by his brother.

Erik wasn’t home when his father was killed, but when he finds his father dead with claw marks on his body. And he takes on the quest to fulfill his father’s mission.

5. John Walker – Took the Vial of Super Soldier Serum

MCU Villains
John Walker

After Captain America is gone, John Walker takes on this massive responsibility. And he has no powers of his own! On a mission to stop the Flag Smashers, Walker was outmatched by the enemies and even heroes aka Captain Falcon and Winter Soldier.

So finding the vial of serum was sort of a jackpot for him and he thinks about it. His partner reminds him that the serum will only amplify what is already inside the person. Believing that he is good and an ideal man, the serum will make him a better hero, but there’s a lot of turmoil within him. After taking the serum, in his first fight, he watches his partner die brutally and in vengeance, he beats Flag-Smasher to death with Cap’s shield, in the town square.

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