Every Spider-Man: No Way Home Costume Has Been Rated Based On Its Comic Reliability

There are several reasons why Spider-Man: No Way Home, the latest instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is being lauded as the finest film ever about the adolescent web-slinger. The film features a slew of recognizable celebrities, ensuring that no die-hard fan is left out. The third episode of Tom Holland’s trilogy is also visually appealing, with clothing that beautifully suits the surroundings. While the villains typically wear a single costume, numerous Spider-Man outfits are presented, allowing fans to discuss which one is cooler. There isn’t a single unflattering item of clothing or armor in the film, but how true are the costumes? Are there any significant differences from what readers are accustomed to seeing? As a result, we at Animated Times have compiled a list of all Spider-Man: NWM outfits, ranked by comic accuracy. Sounds intriguing, right? If so, let’s get started on the list.

11. Doctor Octopus’ Costume:

Alfred Molina’s character returns with roughly the same dress sense he had in the Sam Raimi films. He still has a thing for long coats and sunglasses. While the live-action appearance of Doc Ock makes him appear formidable, it isn’t what is often shown on the pages. When Ock first appears in Amazing Spider-Man #3, he is dressed in a green and yellow outfit. This appearance has only been altered twice. Regrettably, none of what he wears in the comics most closely reflects his live-action appearance.

10. Spider-Man’s Red And Black Suit:

The initial few minutes pick up where Spider-Man: Far From Home left off, with Peter dressed in the same red and black outfit he wore when his actual identity was exposed. Peter had designed the suit himself, using Stark technology. Some of the finest variant incarnations of Spider-Man in the comics wear the red and black outfit. In Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History, Ben Reilly wears the outfit (Vol 1). The Spider emblem on that specific costume, however, is white, and Reilly is also wearing brown boots. Gerry Drew, the new Spider-Man, also wears a red and black outfit in Spider-Girl #32. However, the crimson gloves on his outfit extend all the way to his elbows, whereas Holland’s Spiderman sports a red and black color scheme. Gerry’s spider logo is also big.

9. Green Goblin’s Armor:

Norman Osborn appears on the bridge wearing the same armor he used in Spider-Man 2. He removes the mask at some point in the film, and he also wears his purple hoodie a few times. While Osborn’s clothing is comically realistic, the overall aesthetic isn’t. Because of the previous appearance, which was heavily ridiculed back in 2002, he smashes his mask and just wears the hoodie for most of his scenes. While Willem Dafoe’s persona appears to be more attractive, there is no version of the comics in which he wears the hoodie sans the mask.

8. Iron Spider Suit:

In one of the finest Iron Man and Spider-Man father-son scenes in the MCU, Stark Industries CEO Tony Stark presents the young hero with a new costume just before he joins the Avengers. Peter then used it throughout the events of “Infinity War,” as well as the confrontation with Doc Ock. In Amazing Spider-Man #529, Tony again creates a costume for Peter, although this one is gold and red rather than the gold, red, and blue suit worn by Holland. The “special features” section of the suit is where the film gets the most things right. These include improved eyesight, scanning, and web-shooters.

7. Electro’s Costume:

Electro is one of Jamie Foxx’s finest roles, and he gets another chance now that Doctor Strange has accidently cracked open the cosmos. His costume has been somewhat modified to be more comic-accurate, but there are a few alterations. While Electro wears the same green and yellow suit as in the comics, the lightning-shaped mask is gone. Instead, viewers will see electrical bolts on his head, formed similarly to the mask. The green is also darker than the typical Electro, who prefers a pale green tint. Furthermore, the movie version of Electro dresses casually, but the comic book version wears custom-made boots and tights.

6. Spider-Man’s Black And Gold Suit:

When Peter discovers Max Dillon, aka, Electro, sucking energy from power connections, he is dressed in black and gold. He is assaulted, but he is saved by Flint Marko, who has also been transferred to Peter’s realm. In Marvel’s Spider-Man, the most comparable suit is the one Peter designs while working at Octavius Industries. The color palette is black and yellow, which is similar to the black and gold look popular in the electro scene. There are no additional parallels because the designs are so dissimilar. Black Cat offers Peter a black suit again in Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man # 99, but this time it has a blue tint in certain areas.

5. Spider-Man’s Integrated Suit:

In the closing act of the film, Tom Holland’s Peter dons the integrated outfit, which looks to be a mash-up of components from every previous suit. It contains Iron Spider nanotechnology on the boots, abdomen, and arm areas, as well as gold on the boots, abdomen, and arm areas. Captain Marvel (Vol. 10) #24, for example, can be compared to what Peter Parker on Earth-20368 wears. There is gold on the boot and arm parts, but not on the chest. In the comics, red extends all the way down the arms; in the film, it alternates with the black-bluish color up to the glove area.

4. Doctor Strange’s Costume:

Doctor Strange, unlike Spider-Man, has never felt the need to be a perfectionist when it comes to his appearance. His only attention is to magic. Doctor Strange’s attire is familiar to fans when Peter asks him for assistance in disguising his identity once more. However, certain early outfits, like the one depicted in Strange Tales (Vol 1), had a white design near the Eye of Agamotto. Strange’s current suit does not have such a pattern.

3. Spider-Man’s New MCU Suit:

Before the credits, Spider-Man jumps out of the window, dressed in what appears to be the more classic red and blue outfit. He swings around the streets of New York, but just as the audience is ready to get a better look, events come to an end. From a distance, the outfit seems to be as comic-accurate as it can be. Though the camera does not zoom in for a closer look, the superhero outfit is included in the promotional material, and despite slight design modifications, it is mainly what fans are used to seeing in the images. Given its presence at the finale, it’s probable that the outfit will play a significant role in the future film.

2. Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Suit:

Andrew Garfield, like Tobey, wears the same Spider-Man outfit he wore in his previous two films. It looks similar to Tobey’s costume, with the main differences being the web designs and the size of the Spider-Man emblem. Garfield’s rendition may be the least popular of the web slingers, but he looks the part. There aren’t many distinctions between his suit and the classic one initially featured in Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962). In fact, Garfield’s Spider-Man makes such an impression on Mary Jane and Flash Thompson that they are taken aback the first time they see him.

1. Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man Suit:

Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man wears the same outfit he wore in the critically acclaimed trilogy. He is older now, but the suit still looks fine on him. Maguire’s outfit is often regarded as the most beautiful ever seen in a live-action film. The red and blue color schemes are precisely where fans are used to seeing them in the comics, so there aren’t many difficulties. The web designs are also eye-catching, reminding us that Peter is obsessed with spiders and everything they symbolize.

So here are the Spider-Mans for everyone: The Comic Reliability of the No Way Home Costume has been rated. So which of these is your favorite? Do let us know in the comments down below. Till then, we’ll see you lads in the next one, and keep on reading Animated Times, your one-stop destination for learning more about the entertainment industry, new movies, TV series, celebrity gossip, and so much more.

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