Every Supernatural Actor You Never Knew Was In The Boys

Believe it or not, The CW’s Supernatural series shares a very deep connection with Amazon’s The Boys. The former began its life in The WB, post which it soon made its transition to The CW network. It was there the show gained an enormous fan base and became a cult classic. Eric Kripke, who was  a showrunner for Supernatural until season 5, left the show post that. His other greatest work is undoubtedly The Boys, the Amazon original that has gained critical acclaim, with the streaming giant renewing it for multiple seasons.

Eric Kripke has ensured that the legacy of Supernatural is somehow connected to that of The Boys. Many of the veteran actors from Supernatural managed to land roles in The Boys. Here’s the full list of actors that starred in both The Boys and in Supernatural.

Jensen Ackles – Soldier Boy in Supernatural and Dean Winchester in The Boys

Ackles served as one of the two lead protagonists of the Supernatural series opposite Jared Padalecki. He portrayed the role of dean Winchester in The CW show. In The Boys, Ackles will be seen as a new superhero known as soldier Boy. A clear pastiche of Captain America, Soldier Boy has questionable morals and would go to any length to secure a place in The Seven, the world’s greatest superhero team. He was so driven he even let Homelander use his body as he pleased, leaving him humiliated and violated. Ackles will be seen again in another Supernatural spin-off featuring his Dean Winchester character.

Nathan Mitchell – Kelvin in Supernatural and Black Noir in The Boys

In Supernatural, Mitchell had a rather minor role in the earlier seasons. He played an innocent and benevolent angel, an ally to Castiel in the series. In The Boys, Mitchell appeared as Black Noir, an absolute fan favorite with a unique weakness. Black Noir is basically batman but without any sense of guilt or remorse for killing others. He has surprisingly good piano skills, is sensitive when nobody’s looking, and a nut allergy that could take him down in a second.

Leslie Nicol – Katha the Witch in Supernatural and Connie Butcher in The Boys

Leslie Nicol has made appearances in other shows like Downtown Abbey. In Supernatural season 10, she portrayed the role of Katja the Witch from the fabled Hansel and Gretel stories. Her magic reverted dean to his teenage self for a while. Nicol was later seen playing Billy Butcher’s brother – Connie Butcher in season 2 of The Boys. She went from playing a literal butcher to a Butcher by name. The irony!

Adrian Holmes – James Turner in Supernatural and Dr. Park in The Boys

Holmes first portrayed the role of an unnamed demon the Winchesters tortured for information. He returned to the show to play James Turner, the son of a famous psychic and ally to the Winchesters for two episodes. In The Boys, Adrian Holmes played Dr. Park, who oversaw the neighborhood that housed Becca Butcher and her son Ryan.

Alvina August – Tasha in Supernatural and Monique in The Boys

August played the powerful but god natured witch Tasha in season 12 of Supernatural. In The Boys, she portrayed the role of Monique, wife of Mother’s Milk who is then sent into federal custody along with their daughter.

Christian Keyes – Michael in Supernatural and Nathan Franklin in The Boys

Keyes also made numerous appearances in Arrowverse. In Supernatural, Keyes played the Archangel Michael in season 13. He hailed from a parallel universe and wanted to conquer the prime universe. In The Boys, Christian Keyes portrayed the role of A-Train’s coach and brother Nathan Franklin.

Jim Beaver – Bobby Singer in Supernatural and Robert A Singer in The Boys

Beaver made a surprise appearance as Secretary of defense Robert a Singer in The Boys Season 1 episode 8. In Supernatural. Beaver played the fan favorite role of Bobby Singer, a staunch Winchester ally and mentor.

Isaiah Adam – Forensic Technician in Supernatural and Lance Corporal Dan Miller in The Boys

Isaiah Adam played the role of an unnamed forensic technician in season 7, episode 2 of Supernatural. In The Boys, he played the role of Dan Miller, Lance Corporal in the US Army for the Vought promotional video in Season 2.

Kai Bradbury – Unnamed Clerk In Supernatural and Kenji in The Boys

Bradbury had a minor role in Supernatural. He played an unnamed clerk working at a courier company visited by a villain in Season 13 of the show. The Boys shows Bradbury playing Kenji. the Female’s brother in a flashback sequence before her time in the Shining Light Liberation Army. That story meets a tragic end in the Boys Season 2.

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