Every Time Doctor Strange Was Brutally Roasted in Multiverse of Madness

The Master of Mystic Arts brought some of the best horror scenes in the MCU that fans never witnessed before. Along with the horror genre, the movie had one-liners that made fans ROFL. Even though the movie had the creepiest moments, memorable characters, and tributes to classic horror, Dr. Strange MOM gave audiences a refreshing cinematic experience. Being one of the goriest and most gothic Marvel movies yet, there are some brutally roasted moments in the Dr. Strange Multiverse of Madness. 

Christine Wedding Scene

Dr Strange Christine Palmer Wedding
Interestingly, the husband of Christine Palmer was a fan of a Dr Strange.

During the first few minutes of the movie, Dr. Strange was brutally roasted by one of the members who attended the wedding. The attendant said, “The best surgeon and the best superhero but you still didn’t get the girl”. It was a reference that post-Avengers, Dr. Strange is considered to be the best superhero who fails to get the girl he loved the most. 

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America Chavez at the Kamartaj

America Chavez Kamartaj
America Chavez, Dr Strange and Wong

After Dr. Strange went to Wanda Maximoff seeking help, he disclosed the identity of America Chavez. While America Chavez was hidden in Kamartaj, she said, “So the person you went to ask for help and told exactly where I am is the person that’s trying to kill me”. 

Dr. Strange in front of the Illuminatis

Illuminati Dr Strange MOM
Reportedly, James Bond star Daniel Craig was about to play the role of 7th Illuminati Member

While he was brought for the justice of his acts to the Illuminati, the commentary was a rollercoaster ride of laughs. While Mordo was introducing the Illuminati to Dr. Strange, he responded,  “did you guys chart in the 60s”. Dr. Strange later addressed Black Bolt as he does not speak as he has bad breaths. 

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Dr. Strange and Christine at the Wedding

Christine Palmer Dr Strange 2

While the husband was a fan of Dr. Strange, it seemed like Christine Palmer had no feelings left for the sorcerer supreme. Dr Strange said, “I never stopped caring about us and I am happy” to which Christine Palmer said, “It was never gonna work out between, and it’s good that you are happy. You deserve it!” 

Side-Kick character stole the climax

America Chavez in Dr Strange 2

The final ending scene was way below our expectations. It was just a punch by America Chavez and some old Disney melodrama ending that disappointed the fans. 

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Friendzoned in his own movie

Dr Strange Christine Palmer

“I love you in every universe”, one of the most romantic lines after I love you 3000 was a roast in many ways for Dr. Strange. After Dr. Strange came back from Dream Walking, he confessed his love for Christine Palmer to which Christine Palmer replied, “YEAH”

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