Every Upcoming DC Animated Movie & Show

The DC Animated Line Up looks extremely promising. DC has gone for a quality over quantity approach. And with the DCAU Future slate, we have to say we are rather impressed.

DC Super Pets – 22 May 2022

The movie has onboarded the Jared Stern, the man behind the epic LEGO Batman movie. DC Super Pets is made for a family focused audience. The story will introduce new animal characters like Krypto the Super Dog and Ace the Bat Hound along with other major pets of prominent DC Heroes. There will obviously be a jaded ensemble cast to lend their voices to the characters. DC Super Pets is DC’s attempt to diversify their DCAU portfolio. While still a risk, the movie could end up being a laughter riot like Teen Titans Go. Any DC Animated movie is welcome given how scarce they are going to be in the near future.

Batman: The Long Halloween – 2021

Batman: The Long Halloween will be a 2 part movie series based on the popular comic book story arc of the same name. The story is the brainchild of the infamous Jeph Loeb and and Tim Sale. The Long Halloween movies will focus on a series of murders that rocks Gotham City. Bruce Wayne has only started getting used to the Cape and the Cowl. The movie will have Two-Face as a villain instead of Joker. This is one movie you cannot miss if you like to see Batman actually walk the talk and be the World’s Greatest Detective.  The Long Halloween was also one of the many story arcs that influenced Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

Batman: Soul Of The Dragon – 5 April 2021

It will be like a Kung Fu martial arts movie from the seventies. But it will have Batman as the icing on the cake. David Giuntoli voices Batman. Lady Shiva is voiced by Kelly Hu. Richard Dragon, Bronze Tiger, O-Sensei, and Black Dynamite will also appear for the movie. The movie will take Batman to a chapter from his past. Batman will have to solve a mystery that goes deeper than anybody could ever imagine.

Justice Society: World War II – 2021

Justice Society of America gained a lot of traction after they were featured in the Black Adam teaser. The DC Animated Universe has been cashing in on the success of popular supporting characters in major projects. It was obvious that they decided to make a movie on the Justice Society. Based on multiple story lines featuring the Justice Society, there’s no shortage of source material for the movie to explore. From the original World War Two era comic books to the Golden Age of Super heroes with Starman or Robinson and even the Injustice story line, everything could be touched upon by this movie. Fans of classics should not let this one slide.

Harley Quinn Season 3 – 2022

There are officially no talks regarding the release date for a third season of the popular trash talking villainess. The Harley Quinn animated series has been such a hit with the fans. Continuing her animated saga for a third season would look like the right move. HBO Max is reportedly lobbying for extending the show for another season. Kaley Cuoco , who voiced the Clown Queen of Crime, in the last two seasons, also hinted her return for the third run for the animated series. Expect the show to hit HBO Max by 2022.

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