Every Vibranium Invention In MCU, Ranked

From Cap’s Shield to Black Panther’s Suit, we rank all the incredible inventions powered by Wakanda’s greatest resource.

CXD 23215 Airborne Mobile Command Station

The CXD 23215 Airborne Mobile Command Station was built into The Bus, a heavy duty customized SHIELD Aircraft. The Command Station was built using a silicon carbide – Vibranium alloy that could withstand even the strength of a mighty Asgardian. It could be used a a prison for superhumans.

The Toolbox

If you want to keep all of SHIELD’s secrets inside one portable disk drive, you need to pull available resources to make it impenetrable to hackers. The Toolbox is a small but powerful storage device coated with pure vibranium. It contains classified information that would wreak havoc if it ever fell in enemy hands.

Shuri’s Vibranium Gauntlets

Shuri’s Vibranium Gauntlets had Panther shaped outlets that could fire streams of powerful sonic energy that could rip through metal and concrete.

Klaue’s Arm

Ulysses Klaue acquired a Wakandan Vibranium mining tool that he repurposed to fit his missing left arm after. It can fire powerful sonic blasts over long distances.

Bucky’s New Vibranium Arm

Bucky lost his arm after the events of Civil War. After he returned from being iced for years, Wakanda gifted him with a new metal arm made out of Vibranium. It was sturdier but lacked other functionalities akin to Wakandan Weaponry.

Sam Wilson’s Captain America Wings

Sam Wilson got a new pair of wings. A token of appreciation from Wakanda, these wings had several feats of advanced technology like portable remote controlled boosters and vibranium mesh weaving. The wings are also made up of Vibranium and coupled with Captain America’s shield, Sam is unstoppable.

Iron Man’s Arc Reactor

In iron Man 2, the element Tony Stark ‘discovered’ was actually Vibranium, a metal Howard Stark discovered back in the day but had no means of creating it himself. Tony used modern technology to create the metal out of scratch.

Ultron – 3

Ultron always wanted to create a Vibranium body for himself to become truly indestructible. He revealed his Vibranium reinforced final form as Ultron – 3. The body took the combined forces of Iron man, Vision, and Thor to even register minor damage. Thankfully, Ultron did not live long enough to embody this new form.


Vision’s synthezoid body is made out of Vibranium processed inside Hele Cho’s Regeneration Cradle. Although his powers come mostly from the Mind Stone, the fact that his body is made out of an indestructible metal cannot be ignored. There is now another MCU Vision – White Vision. His body is made out of the body parts of the erstwhile Vision,

Black Panther Suit

The Black Panther Suit is a marvel of modern engineering. It is entirely bulletproof, shockproof, and absorbs all damage. It has retractable vibranium claws that can slice through any object. The suit is powered by nanotechnology and can materialize out of a necklace. Black Panther can even absorb kinetic energy and release it when the wearer wants to.

Captain America’s Shield

The first ever piece of Vibranium we have ever seen in the MCU is Captain America‘s iconic, physics defying shield. It is now in the possession of Sam Wilson.

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