Everything You Need To Know Before You Watch Eternals!

The Celestials are returning to the MCU in Marvel’s Eternals but the franchise has already revealed a lot about these spacefaring deities in the previous films. They were first introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy and were portrayed as giant titans of immense power with strong ties to the Infinity Stones. The lore surrounding them is set to be expanded in Eternals and will be built on the foundation established in Phases 1,2, and 3.

According to the comics, Celestials date back to the beginning of the universe and played a major role in splitting into the multiverse. The Celestials created much of the life in the universe and would visit to conduct experiments. On Earth, these experiments led to the creation of immortal Eternals and Deviants as well as mutant x-gene into the human genome.

We are expecting many mysteries to be answered in Eternals till then, here is everything that has already been established about the Celestials in the MCU.

Where Do Celestials Live?


In the MCU canon, the universe became with six singularities and that became six Infinity Stones each controlling a different aspect of the world. It is unclear how soon the Celestials emerged after the initial creation but they are capable of wielding them with no risk to themselves. We know Ego is a Celestial but looks like he has no contact with the other Celestials.

What Exactly Did Guardians of The Galaxy Reveal About The Celestials?


Guardians of the Galaxy introduced MCU Celestials through a video the collector showed to the galactic heroes. In the clip, a massive Celestial- Eson the Searcher is shown decimating an entire planet’s population in seconds by using the Power Stone, which he wields in a giant staff, The film also introduced Knowhere, a long-dead Celestial skull turned into a lawless space community. In GOTG 2, the Celestial lore was expanded by introducing Ego.

Are Celestials Evil?


We have just witnessed two Celestials so far in the MCU- Ego and Eson and both have genocidal tendencies so it was easy to assume that Celestials might be evil. But that is not the case, like every other MCU alien species, the Celestials have both good and bad members.

In the comics, the Celestials aren’t much evil as they are willfully dismissive of a lesser life. They have always experimented with humanity the way a child might torment ants; without true care or concern for the creatures in question. It remains to be seen how accurate that will be for the Celestials of the MCU since the x-gene haven’t been introduced to the franchise. And we do not know if MCU’s Celestials are evil.

How did Endgame Help Set Up Celestials’ Return?


In the second trailer for Eternals, it’s revealed that the Blip from the Endgame that resurrected all of Thanos’ victims also triggered “Emergence” Maybe that is what caused the deviants to return to Earth but as per a theory, the same could have also brought back Celestials.

MCU hasn’t revealed what has happened to Celestials and there are many theories for the same. So possibly Celestials could also have a flashback role in Eternals and finally, it will be revealed what happened to them.

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