What Have We Seen?

A scene from Avengers: End Game where Captain America wields the Mjolnir.











For the longest part, we’ve known that only worthy people can lift Thor’s coveted Mjolnir. We saw Hela destroy it being her sister. We also came across a scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron, where the newly created Vision could lift the hammer. Captain America wasn’t far from the action in Avengers: End Game when Thor desperately needed support. To everyone’s shock, Captain America could wield the weapon mastered by the God of Thunder, and he took the battle to Thanos, even lightning him up with Thunder strikes from Mjolnir.

Captain Marvel Joins the List of Mjolnir Wielders

Captain Marvel is widely regarded as the most powerful Avenger ever.













In the new story-line of Captain Marvel, “The Last Avenger,” Carol Danvers has gone toe-toe in the battle against each of her mates. A Kree villain named Vox Supreme is pressuring her to rescue him from every Avengers member’s dead bodies, and if she doesn’t, Vox Supreme will detonate explosives concealed within all nine Kree refugee camps on Earth. Fortunately, Carol has formulated a plan: she has to hide the real Avengers in the pocket dimension within Singularity, then deliver the bodies of the Avengers cloned by a secret S.H.I.E.L.D project.

How Did This Happen?

Not only will Captain Marvel handle the Mjolnir, she will also swing Captain America’s Shield.












Captain Marvel tries to stop Vox, inadvertently drops the bottle that holds the serum, and it spills all over her, endowing her with the D.N.A. and traits of all the Avengers to turn her into one gigantic being. Carol finally exercises some control over her new powers and calls a strong arm to her side: Mjolnir, whom she gives in combat in one hand while holding the shield of Captain America in the other, a combination enough to put Vox Supreme down right away.

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