Eye-Opening Nick Fury Fan Theories That Make A LOT Of Sense

Nick Fury is the glue that keeps the MCU together. While we read so many theories about the Avengers, it is time we address the actual elephant in the room – Nick Fury.

Why Nick Fury Didn’t Call Captain Marvel Sooner

Captain Marvel

Many fans have claimed that had Fury called Carol Danvers before Infinity War, maybe Thanos would have never been able to collect the Infinity Stones. Since Captain Marvel easily goes toe to toe with the Mad Titan, that is entirely plausible to assume. But the reason Fury didn’t call her sooner was because the last time Captain Marvel showed her true powers, an entire alien armada came to bomb the whole planet. Also he doesn’t know Carol that well and Fury is a man who finds it hard to trust someone he doesn’t know the history of. When the Thanos Snap happened, Fury had no options left. Captain Marvel was his final resort.

Nick Fury Was Never On Earth, It Was A Skrull All Along


Remember the assassination attempt Nick Fury escaped by a hair’s breadth in The Winter Soldier. Hydra did a very good job of taking down the SHIELD director. But somehow by a miraculous feat, Fury survived. A theory states that since the Skrulls technically came way before the events of Iron Man, Fury had employed them to replace him as the new Director. The Skrull impersonating Fury died in The Winter Soldier and another Skrull fooled the Avengers and the viewers into thinking he had survived. The real Nick Fury was off planet, forming SWORD in space.

Fury Stole Stark-Tech For His SUV In Captain America 2

The Winter Soldier

Fury’s seemingly indestructible SUV in The Winter Soldier comes equipped with a lot of gadgets. There’s a rocket launcher, a life support system that monitors the driver’s health, and an A.I that can even crack jokes. The SUV is made up of a highly durable metallic alloy and also has a single use high power laser. This is all Stark-Tech we have already seen in previous Iron Man movies. A theory claims that Fury stole this technology from Stark. Stark, a man of style and substance, would never allow his inventions to be fit into such an ugly abomination for a vehicle. He would have made something that looks more beautiful.

Nick Fury Knew About The Arnim Zola AI

Arnim Zola

We know Fury is capable of making the tough calls. He was the one who foresaw the SHIELD project that weaponized Tesseract energy. He is involved in an umpteen amount of black ops programs all over the world. While he may not have gone as far as being okay with Project Insight, there’s a theory he knew about Arnim Zola – the Hydra AI. Fury knew Zola was a mind that shouldn’t be wasted. So when he realized he was still around, he didn’t destroy him. In fact, he used Zola’s expertise on the Tesseract to create these Phase 2 WMDs.

He Has Access To Time Travel Technology

Age Of Ultron

Fury knows all, hears all, sees all. Even for the Director of SHIELD, to be present at the right time and the right place every time is impossible. This fan theory states that Fury’s able to do all this because he has access to Time Travel technology of some form. Hints of its were seen in Age of Ultron. His attempts at shepherding the Avengers in the right direction and his beforehand knowledge of events make it look like he is either clairvoyant or knows about events before they happen.

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