Ezra Miller may be out of the DCEU

Ezra Miller who portrayes the Flash in the film Justice League had mixed reactions with his performance, some calling him the ‘hearth’ of the film and keeping everything light while others called his performance ‘unnecessary’and goofy. Miller promised us an epic flash movie but production has not been going well for Warner Brothers with several directors leaving the project and now Miller has confirmed his writing a new darker script for the film just so he can still be involved with the franchise.

Ezra isn’t the only one to leave the ship, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher is said to be next, rumors of him leaving the DC Extended Universe merged almost 5 months ago. Both actors contracts expire This Month! The DC Extended Universe would currently have no Superman, Flash our cyborg with Aquaman (Jason Mamoa), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), and Batman (Robert Pattinson) making the cut of the franchise.

It was reported that Miller’s holding deal for the Flash is set to expire this month. Fisher reportedly signed a similar deal, and unless they re-up their contracts then Warner Bros. will officially be moving on. If we don’t hear anything by next week, it’s safe to assume these two are done as DC Comics, Ray Fisher has stated on Twitter In July of 2018 if he were to exit the role we would hear a statement from him and not warner Brothers, He stayed silent about his role of Victor Stone, Lately he posted a lot of Justice League deleted scenes.

Miller on the other hand has been very open about his future promising that he will star in the upcoming movie, but will Warner Brothers keep an actor who basically fired its directors and rewrote the entire plot? I guess we will find out very soon. News about Henry Cavill is still silent


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