Ezra Miller's Shocking Video Recently Surfaced on the Internet!

A recent video that has been rolled out by Iceland Event is quite unappealing. The video was first seen on Twitter and did not appear good. The video might not go down well with the audience. It has revealed a scene wherein a female fan gets hit by Ezra Miller and is allegedly thrown on the floor. Ezra Miller has played popular roles in films like Justice League, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

The recent video reveals shocking scenes!

Ezra Miller seen in a shocking video on Twitter
An image of Ezra Miller

His role held a meaningful plot in these films. However, the video that hit the internet has gone against him. The video contains clips where it can be seen that Ezra is assaulting a female fan at a resort in Iceland. The video was first witnessed on Twitter by people who saw the scene happening in front of their eyes. The scene is quite disgusting as it has only put Ezra Miller in the negative.

He is known to be a talented actor!

He is known for his popular role in Fantastic Beasts
A glimpse from Fantastic Beasts

Fans are for whom these actors perform and disrespecting them through assaulting is totally not acceptable. Seeing the current lockdown situation in the world, there are some doubts regarding the video that surfaced. The first thing doubted is the fact that how come people are seen hanging out the when currently the world is under lockdown.

The video clip went viral today!

 The video showed that he hit threw the female fan on the floor
A glimpse of the video clip

Secondly, it might also be that Ezra Miller is trying to be flirty and playful with the fan. However, the expressions of the fan do not reflect that. When the owner of the resort was called he, however, did not wish to comment on the situation.  He added that we will only be able to give you any information as the incident is under review.

The resort has strict policies and prohibits anyone who creates any nuisance or violence at the resort. 

Here’s a short clip on the not so funny incident :

Source : comicbook, cinemablend 

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