Facts About Looney Tunes & Merry Melodies That Prove ‘That’s Not All Folks’

Many generations of kids have grown up watching Looney Tunes. Warner Bros started the animated shorts in 1930 with the famous characters such as Porky Pig debuting in 1935 and Bugs Bunny in 1940. The series ran until 1969 and then were made into many movies and new series. For most of us, Looney Tunes characters have always been  a part of our lives.
Mickey Mouse and co were friendly bunch while Bugs Bunny and co had dangerous adventures where anything could happen. Here are some facts we bet you didn’t know about.

1. Chuck Jones Never Missed A Chance To Take A Dig At “Space Jam”

Chuck Jones had directed Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies and was instrumental in shaping the characters; making him somewhat expert on the subject. But he hated Space Jam. Jones thought Bugs would take the aliens on himself. He also said ” Porky Pig would never say ‘ I think I wet myself’ ”

2. Chucks Jones Had A List Of Rules for Road Runner and Wile E.Coyote 

With the number of episodes, the adventures changed but the rules of these cartoons always remained consistent. It was clearly laid out and concise list to ensure the same.

3. Bugs Bunny Made A Cameo In “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” With One Condition…

The 1988’s, Robert Zemecki’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit? had a huge crossover even way before it was a thing. For icons like Bugs Bunny, few conditions were laid down to make sure that no one played favorites.
As a result, Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse had to share equal screen time and always appear together.

4. Before The 1990s, Taz Had Appeared Only In Five Shorts


Tax- the Tasmanian Devils is one of the most popular characters in the Looney Tunes universe. He had his own cartoon show in the 1990s, but during the original show’s heyday, he appeared only with five shorts starting with Devil May Hare.

5. Bugs Bunny Turned The Word ‘Nimrod’- A Might Biblical Hunter into A Goof

Nimrod can be used to mean a skillful hunter. The meaning which was wildly known before Bugs Bunny came out. Nimrod was the name of a mighty hunter in the Bible. But Bugs began using it “sarcastically” to describe Elmer Fudd and that changed the word’s usage.

6. The Faulty Acme Products Are Ironically Named !

Wile E. Coyote always relied on the ACME products even though they never really worked for him. Acme is a real word and it means the highest point or something or someone that represents perfection of the concept expressed.
Chuck Jones and team made great use of creative freedom and named the products Acme and it also comes early in the phone book.

7. Bugs Bunny Only Eats Carrots For A Reason

All of us thought that Bugs Bunny ate carrots because rabbits like them (duh).
But actually, Bugs Bunny was imitating the fast-talking character Clark Gable who played in the film It Happened One Night.
There is one scene where the actor leans against a fence and eats a carrot.

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