Faith, The Plus-Size Superhero, Will Be Introduced To Fans After One Zillion Years

Faith, a teenage girl, is the protagonist of Julie Murphy’s novel Faith Taking Flight:

A Still of Faith, the Plus-Size Superhero
A Still of Faith, the Plus-Size Superhero

Julie Murphy’s novel Faith Taking Flight is about a teenage girl named Faith. Faith, along with her two best pals, Matt and Ches, is a senior about to graduate from high school. Faith is also a member of her school’s journalism club, works at a pet shelter, and is a rather basic, if not dull, individual. Right? Except for the fact that she has the ability to fly! Faith Herbert lives with her grandmother since she, like many other heroines, has lost her parents. She decides to attend a summer camp the summer before her senior year. She is, however, greatly incorrect because this is not a summer camp. She is found confined to a project as a test subject, stripped of her name, belongings, and fundamental rights. Patients are subjected to gruelling treatments to determine whether they possess any hidden capabilities or abilities. They are known as psiots. Many “test subjects” who are used to locate this unique gene do not survive. When Faith’s time comes to be tested, she nearly dies during the process. Peter, the experimenter, assists in Faith’s liberation by releasing her and jumping from the building with her. Faith saves herself and Peter by revealing her ability to fly. None of this is revealed to readers at the start of the novel.

What’s happening in Faith: The Plus-Sized Superhero comics?

A Still of Zephyr The first plus-size female superhero
A Still of Zephyr The first plus-size female superhero

In reality, it arrives in bits and pieces, with the entire experience remaining buried until later. Faith’s favorite TV show is The Grove, which has mysteriously chosen Faith’s hometown as their new filming location. Faith encounters Dakota Ash, the show’s primary and most popular character. When she and Faith meet, sparks flare almost instantly. It isn’t until later that Faith is approached by a girl who has strikingly similar looks to Faith and causes quite a commotion. They flee the scene in Dakota’s car, where they experience their first kiss. Dakota has a horrible secret, no matter how genuine her love for Faith is. People and animals are going missing all over the place, and if they are recovered, they are in an impenetrable catatonic state. Faith decides to investigate after seeing many incidents in which she comes face to-face with victims of whatever or whoever is doing this. If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read any further. Faith ends up in a warehouse, where she encounters a fellow student and several animals that have been victims of, you guessed it, Dakota, Margaret (top honcho), and their squad. Faith flees, but is met by Dakota and two henchmen who are enjoying supper with her grandmother in her own house. Grandma Lou isn’t sure who’s wiser. This, however, posed a serious threat to Faith’s grandmother’s safety. Faith returns to the warehouse, reconciled with the reality that she is a plus-size superhero and proud of it, in order to free her abducted buddy Ches. The narrative closes with the warehouse on fire, but not before Dakota saves Ches and all the animals. Ches and Matt are both OK. Faith had never told her pals about her power to fly throughout the novel. So they go outdoors and get a great surprise.

That was only a basic summary of the story, Faith: The Plus-Sized Superhero:

In 'Faith: Taking Flight,' Julie Murphy Celebrates The Plus-Size Superhero
In ‘Faith: Taking Flight,’ Julie Murphy Celebrates The Plus-Size Superhero

That was simply a quick synopsis of the story. Yes, I left a lot out, so if you haven’t already, go read it! Faith is someone I greatly appreciate. As a plus-size person, I understand the battle of being plus-size but also feeling comfortable and secure in your own skin. Faith is also troubled by this. She can’t imagine someone like Dakota would ever fall for someone like her. She bases a large part of her worth on how she seems. This is very challenging for an adult female, let alone a teen girl. She also had that traumatic experience of attending “summer camp” and discovering she could fly, which has shattered her world, and coming to grips with everything going on around her terrifies her a lot. Faith, on the other hand, has a very pure heart and is motivated by the people and animals she loves and seeks to care for. She, like other heroes, refuses to reveal her abilities for fear of endangering her friends and grandma. Faith Taking Flight is a fantastic book that I would recommend to readers of all ages, as well as her graphic novels. It will transport you back to your awkward, naive adolescence, and it’s an entertaining book with a simple narrative to follow.

Azhan Ali
Azhan Ali

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