Bucky Barnes, the winter soldier, lies in the queue of most complicated characters in MCU. The erstwhile Winter Soldier has a lengthy and arduous backstory about the exciting introduction of “The Falcon And The Soldier.” Its future has a prediction to be very chaotic and complicated.
Bucky is a vital and well-established star of Marvel Comics. He has been predating the Marvel well-known character for the past two decades.  Here are some facts and in-depth knowledge facts into what is his whereabouts are.


winter soldier sidekick
Best kind of sidekick

The roles of Steve Rogers and Bucky Banes in MCU are quite different from what appeared in the comics. In the first movie, he had the role of friend and associate of Rogers. He is having a more incredible experience than him in the film “Captain America.”
The character he presented in a comic book is the sidekick of Captain America that was created by legendary comic writers Joe and Jack for Captain America comics.


winter soldier death
Death of Bucky

The most different and eye-catching part of the movie is the end to the character of Bucky. The continuation of the series of Captain America kept the role of Bucky to the backside. He is one of the best sidekicks of the comics as Robin of Batman franchise.


winter soldier resurection
Resurrection of Bucky

With the death of Bucky in the series, the appearance of Bucky also ended in the early 2000s. He returned in 2005 as an empty-headed, harsh killer for Russians in Cold wars. It was a great start with new life into the Comic book Captain America. The series ahead made him the foundation for movies that followed.


winter soldier sputnik
Best name for Bucky

The upbringing to the series was by the writer Ed Brubaker. He got the inspiration from his initial headcanons that survived his fiery crash and got saved by a Russian soldier. The Russian soldier’s brainwash healed Bucky and gave them a new life with a more current skill set. A single word that describes him is “Sputnik.”

Romance with Black widow

winter soldier romance with black widow
Relation with Black Widow

The character of Bucky got hidden behind his name of Winter soldier. The only revealed part of his life is that he got to have a romance with another Russian spy, Natasha, a Black widow. It began when they both were working as secret agents.

Killed Wolverine’s wife

Wolverine had not much of his relationship counts in Marvel comics. The few he had got their end with tragedy. The worst he had was with Bucky the Winter Soldier. The time when Bucky was the secret killer, he killed the lover of Wolverine, Ashikro. It was the time when she was carrying his child. He believed that he had lost both his child and his wife. In the latter half, it got discovered that the child is still alive and has grown up.

Became Captain America

winter soldier became captain america
Role of Captain America

The past of Bucky was not right. Long after the disastrous past, he got to have a justifiable path. The death of his best friend Steve in the series brought a different turn to the story. The story got a twist with Bucky taking up the shield. He thought it to be his duty to prevent it from misusing at the start. The approaching future of the story gave him the responsibility to tackle the mantle.

Second death

winter soldier second death
Bucky’s second end

The road after acquiring the role of Captain America was not smooth. The way he tackled the position was different from the original Captain America. The story proceeded with the death of Bucky. Bucky got killed by Skadi, who was the daughter of Red skull. His life returned shortly through the infinity formula. Along with his return, Roger was also made alive, and Bucky was again a Winter soldier.

Ultimate Bucky

The Wanda vision seems to have a very lasting impact on the 4 phases of MCU. He survived his role in MCU’s comic books as a winter soldier and few other characters. In the Ultimate Comics Universe of Earth-1610, he survived World War 2.


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