DC’s boatload superheroes list is not an exhaustible one; the list of DC Universe characters is relatively slimmer than it is.

DC comics are around since the 30s. It means that the people behind DCEU have a got century of publishing theories. All the prominent characters like Batman and Superman received their time in the spotlight. Apache Chef, Jimmy Olsen also made their suitable appearances. DCEU’s cameos add color and depth, making it a more rewarding viewing experience for DC super fans.
Some of the DC characters left unknown to us are as given below-

Jimmy Olsen

DC characters
He is a classic boy sidekick, best known for his friendship with Man of Steel.

He was an obvious candidate for a cameo appearance in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Yet his arrival in DCEU was not an expected outcome for the viewers.

The Green Lantern Corps

 The Green Lantern Corps DC characters
2011 Green Lantern gave a great disaster to the box office. It was quite a surprise for fans of Justice League fans. This event caused their appearance to Lantern Corps in DCEU.


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Chief was one of the favorite characters of Wonder Woman, a movie was the adaption of Apache Chief.
He was a size-changing hero from the Super Friends Cartoon. In the initial part of the movie, Chief introduced himself to Diana in his native Blackfoot language.
This comic hero is an adaptation of one of the more obscure DC characters: Super Chief.

The Penguin

The Penguin

The Penguin was yet to appear in DCEU, sticking to TV’s Gotham instead. There was only one Bat-Villain that employs to be exploding wind-up penguins. His name was Oswald Cobblepot.


The real name of the Riddler was Edward Nigma. He was one amongst other classic Batman villains that did not appear in DCEU. The clue that he left about himself is his signature curvy question mark.
The mark which was seen spray-painted onto a pillar in Batman v Superman’s background: Dawn of Justice. It is one of the Easter eggs fans got hyped about.

Star Sapphire

Star Sapphire

She is a villainous character having publishing history at DC Comics stretching back to the 40s. Till now, there was no sign of Star Sapphire’s identity in DCEU but Ferris herself has two appearances logged. She is an officer of the US Air Force. She has made appearances in both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman.


She is a DC Comic character with a complicated publishing history. The version of Artemis, Greek god, i.e., goddess of the hunt, exists in the DC universe but we already had Wonder Woman. Also an Amazonian Warrior, she is the one-time rival of Wonder Woman. The character appeared as a combination of both the versions as a cameo in Justice League.

Mercy Graves

 Mercy Graves

A natural villain, she was well apt for Lex Luthor’s assistant and bodyguard in Superman.

Her character proved to be popular in the cartoon. The character was also portrayed in DC Comics continuity. After that, she got landed a cameo appearance in Batman v Superman. In films, too, she played role of a personal assistant to Luthor.


Image result for Jax-Ur

He is one of the few Kryptonians to survive the destruction of Krypton. As an antagonist of Superman, he appeared in the pages of DC Comics. In Man of Steel, Jax-Ur is a lackey of General Zod’s Scientist who removed Kryptonian growth kodex from Superman’s DNA. In the comic books of DC, he was a villain long before Krypton’s end. He was fascinated and obsessed with Superman’s mom.

KG beast

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Character names of the comic books were apparent indications of the which era in which they got created. It was exactly relevant in the case of Anatoli Knyazev, the KG Beast. He is a soviet super-soldier with intense martial arts skills.
In Man of Steel, he is a vicious Russian mercenary with the same dispositions as his comic book counterpart.


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