Famous Cartoon Characters That Share The Same Voice Actor

When it comes to cartoon movies or shows, the voice actor doesn’t get much recognition or respect as the live-action actor would. And maybe we are to be blamed for the same. We imagine that all a voice actor does is sit in a recording booth and make some silly and hilarious voices. And probably the voice actor can even go to work in pajamas!

But it is actually very hard. A voice actor rarely gets to become a celebrity. We might not know their names but we certainly know their work. Here are some of the characters who had the same voice actor but none of us ever noticed!

1. Justin Roiland

Voice Actors
Justin Roiland

Is it just us who didn’t know this? Justin Roiland is the voice behind both Rick and Morty on the show Rick and Morty. That’s some amazing talent to be able to voice characters that have this age gap between them. And that’s not all! The voice actor has also lent his voice to Oscar on Fish Hooks.

2. Jim Cummings

Voice Actors
Jim Cummings and his multiple characters

This voice actor is hands down a Disney legend. There’s not a single person who wouldn’t know at least one of his characters. He has voiced not only Whinnie the Pooh and Tigger but also many other characters in The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Apart from that, he has lent his voice to several characters in Animaniacs, Aladdin, Tiny Toon Adventures, and The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries. He has also voiced Pete on Mickey Mouse series and even characters from Adventure Time, Star Wars (animated series), Legend of Korra, Curious George, and Sofia the First.

3. Frank Welker

Voice Actors
Frank Welker and his multiple characters

This voice actor probably sums up “childhood” for most of us. He has lent his voice to SEVERAL characters. Most of us might not have heard about him, but the man has lent his voice to our favorite Scooby-Doo, Garfield, and even Fred.

4.  Nancy Cartwright

Voice Actors
Nancy Cartwright and her multiple characters

She is a legend in today’s world when it comes down to voice actors. Nancy actually started her voice acting career way back in the 1970s. She initially lent her voice on ABC Weekend Specials and later got roles in Snorks (Daffney Gillfin). She even plays different characters on My Little Pony. But her most famous characters are Bart and Maggie Simpson on The Simpsons. But that’s not all, she has also voiced Nelson Muntz and Ralph Wiggum!

5. John DiMaggio

Voice Actor
John DiMaggio and his multiple characters

He not only voices Jake on Adventure Time but has also voiced Bender on Futurama and Dr. Drakken on Kim Possible. The list doesn’t end there! He has also voiced characters in films and shows like Powerpuff Girls, Bee Movie, Rocket Power, Avatar: The Last Airbender and so much more!

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