Fan Plotted Tom Hardy In Wolverine’s Suit Replacing Hugh Jackman

“ A lot of people say I seem masculine, but I don’t feel it. … Tom Hardy

A new picture sees Venom star Tom hardy wear a strategic Wolverine outfit to replace Hugh Jackman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even though it hasn’t been too long the last true-to-life excursion of the X-Men, it’s inescapable that they’ll join the MCU presently following Disney’s securing of Fox. Marvel’s Kevin Feige recently addressed the issue, clarifying that they’re actually discussing how to reboot the mutants in such a way that fits in with the remainder continuity. Yet, since we will not see Hugh Jackman suit up in Wolverine’s right yellow outfit from the comics, numerous fans need to see Tom hardy get the Adamantium claws in the MCU.

The new fan fanart comes from ‘jph_photoshop’ on Instagram. It gives Tom Hardy the cowl we momentarily witnessed in Hugh Jackman’s The Wolverine movie, just as envisioning what the remainder of his suit could look like in the MCU. The ears may be somewhat ludicrous for the big screen. However, Kevin Feige would almost certainly sort out a method of making them work in one way or another. On the off chance that they can bring a walking, talking raccoon into the MCU, they can give Tom Hardy a Wolverine outfit as well. Take a look by yourself.


What do you think about Tom Hardy’s design? You might want to see the star become Wolverine in the MCU? Or should Marvel Studios let go of Logan for some time? Sound off in the comments beneath!


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