Warning!!! Spoilers Ahead!

Because of James Gunn, The Suicide Squad has a fresh chance to take life by the horns. This subsequent outing including DC Comics’ villain B-group has been hailed as a victory by most, as many fans and critics take to web-based media to commend its success. We’ll Take a look at some fan reactions about ‘The Suicide Squad’ that saved the day.

1. In sprout

2. New organization

3. Polka speck man reboot

4. Pete Davidson Prediction

5. Where everybody stands

6. Want a decent chuckle? Here are Grace Randolph’s main complaints about the Suicide Squad

7. People Who Don’t Like The Suicide Squad

8. POV –  the beginning of The Suicide Squad

9. The Other Squad

10. Is That you? Weasel?? From Suicide Squad?

11. Ratcatcher 2 Respect

12. Spoilers With No Context

13. Tips From The Deadpool Handbook

14. Best. Appearance. Ever.

15. The Best Character

16. Am I Correct?

17. No contemplations, just Harley and Rick Flag’s fellowship

18. The Perfect Choice

19. It’s really disturbing to me that nobody waved or welcomed Sebastian back

20. The Suicide Squad does a great deal of things right, however my most loved is the means by which they made this fella seem as though the most wild thing I’ve at any point found in my life.

21. King Shark Supremacy

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