Fan Remakes Netflix He-Man Trailer With 1987 Masters Of The Universe Scenes, Goes Ultra-Viral

Who has the power, you ask? Why it is He-Man of course!! The hit animated show from the past was such a nostalgic pastime. Anyone who has not lived under a rock for the last few decades knows the name He-Man. The animated series ended long back. And Netflix’s He-Man series takes off right where the series ended. But it is all animation. What if there was a live action trailer for the Netflix He-Man animated series? A fan made trailer has done just that, using scenes from the 1987 Masters Of The Universe movie.

The results are super impressive to say the least.

The upcoming animated series based on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe will be spearheaded by Kevin Smith. And he has certainly piqued everyone’s interest with the newly released trailer. The Netflix He-Man trailer managed to double the nostalgia factor by using the 80’s hit soundtrack – Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out For A Hero”. The 1984 hit only added to the charm of the He-Man trailer. And boy was it gorgeous.

Kevin Smith‘s trailer would be hard to top. But this YouTuber – Darth Blender has come pretty close. His self made He-Man trailer uses the same sequences as the Netflix He-Man trailer. But he replaces all animated frames with live action ones taken straight out of the 1987 Masters of the Universe movie. He keeps the music as it is. But the moment we see Dolph Lundgren wield the Power sword, it gives us literal chills. The moment he swings that sword at Skeletor, we just look at awe at this fan made masterpiece.

Watch the full trailer here:

YouTube video

The 1987 Masters of the Universe movie bombed at the Box Office. But it has since gained a cult like following, relegating it to the position of a cult classic. This incredible movie was made on a rather shoestring budget considering the magnitude of the franchise. all the action in the 1987 movie happened in the real world. He-Man and the rest of his allies and enemies had traveled to Earth from Eternia. The mythical realm was reduced to a few scenes – small fights that happened in Castle Grayskull.

It’s not always we see such gems in the internet. The place is usually full of pointless videos that make zero sense. But this fan made trailer has certainly struck a chord with the He-Man fans. That would explain why it has suddenly gone so incredibly viral.

Bibhu Prasad Panda
Bibhu Prasad Panda

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