Fan Suggestions For The New Fantastic Four That Will BLOW YOUR MIND

“I don’t care what anyone says, this Fantastic Four cast will never be beaten.” – @xaviersfilms on Twitter.

From this take came a lot of ideas from Marvel fans who have been quite faithful stood by Human Torch, Thing, Mister Fantastic, and Invisible Woman from one film to the next. On Twitter, the Fantastic Four handle offered their takes on new foursomes that make for some excellent entertainment. The responses have been enlightening and funny.

Here are some of the best:

The Perfect Fantastic Couple

As Fantastic Four is set to make an MCU debut, we feel that this couple starring John Krasinski would be just the perfect choice.


A Suggestion That Turned Out To Be ‘Pretty Great’

Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four

With this star-studded cast, this has dope written all over it! The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fantastic Four reboot has been around more rumors this past week. It’s quite safe to assume that Fantastic Four is an anticipated MCU movie of the ongoing Phase 4, yet Marvel Studios still won’t reveal anything about its cast or the potential release date.


For Your Own Consideration

An actual Fantastic Four film announcement might be around the corner if these new leaks pan out well. Firstly, we came to know that Jon Watts’ upcoming project would reportedly be Fantastic Four. A Marvel insider has claimed that MCU has even started casting the Fantastic Four team.


User Name Checks Out

All for the humour, is it?


A Fangirl’s Four – List to remember

A Community Effort By All

Well, we hope it turns into reality! OH, HOW WE WISH!

This has no Assembly Required

A Classic Take To Remember!

Lets go To A Good Place


Can’t Get Enough at all

It’s Finally Time To Get Things Started at MCU…

Fox did come up with two Fantastic Four films some ten years apart, the last in 2015. The cast for the 2005 Fantastic Four movie had: Ioan Gruffudd (played Reed Richards), Chris Evans (Johnny Storm), Jessica Alba (Sue Strom), and Michael Chiklis (played Ben Grimm). The same crew made an appearance in the 2007 sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

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