Fan Theory: Ghostbusters & Harry Potter Exist In The Same Universe?

Fans have an obsession with the universe of movies. And usually, they link unrelated films and couple them. So this produces a whole new level of intrigue. Curiosity leads fans to imagine that many unrelated works and movies happen in the same universe. A new theory about the Ghostbusters and Harry Potter existing in the same universe has popped up.

Some Widespread Theories

The fandom loves to relate director Quentin Tarantino’s works or the solitary bleak futures of Black Widow. Moreover, the view that all of the Pixar movies happen in the same universe is the crux of the debate. A new theory suggests that the 1980s horror-comedy series, Ghostbusters, and JK rowling’s Harry Potter exist in the same universe. We know this sounds insane, but there are undeniable facts that point to the notion that both the franchises live in the same universe.

The Mysterious Reddit Post

The Ghostbusters Squad

A recent Reddit post by u/Exitium31 on r/FanTheories, a popular Reddit community, the two films can co-exist. What surprises us, even more, is the fact that logically both the franchises, if they exist in the same universe, would not essentially interrupt each other!

The said user interprets that Ghostbusters starts when Muggles discovers magic by scientific methods, quite contrary to the wizards who had this quality congenitally. The author of the post also claims that the proton packs, neutrino wands and the particle accelerators are merely technological wands. Adding more to his claim, he says that the central characters have accidentally discovered these. Of course, while devising a way to trap ghosts.

Picking Up The Clues And Cues

Harry Potter, Hermione and Ron

u/Exitium31 also theorizes that the villain of the Ghostbusters, Gozer, is a witch! And that Gozer is smart enough to make the entire ‘Cult of Gozer’ into believing that she is eventually a God. u/Exitium31 also furthers his theoretical claims.

He believes that Gozer constructs the 550 Central Park West building as a “Primitive Horcrux”. Hmm…this seems quite similar to what Voldemort does in the series, Harry Potter. This insane theory does not end here; there’s more to go. It is further speculated that Vigo the Carpathian from Ghostbusters II also uses a painting of himself. That too as a ‘Horcrux’!

The Cliffhanger

The castle in the wizarding world

The cliffhanger of the theory rests in the fact of how the wizarding world responds to the happenings of the film. u/Exitium states that Walter Peck, the human adversary of Ghostbusters, is a wizard!

He is there, after all, to clean the situation. This theory has been backed by various facts too. They take into consideration, the events of 2016’s Ghostbusters series with a Potter-eyed explanation. And surprisingly, the dots do connect!

Sorry, Can’t Criticise

The 1980s Ghostbusters movie poster

Reddit, like any other open platform, is open to widespread criticism. However, there don’t seem too many haters of this crazy theory. The top comment on this Reddit post states how even after a multi-angular examination of this theory results in absolutely no loop-holes.

The upcoming entry in the Ghostbusters franchise will be Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Initially set to be out in the cinemas on July 10, the film has been delayed till March 19, 2021.

Watch the Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer here:


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