Fan Theory on the Introduction of X-Men in the MCU and Marvel’s Plans

Marvel acquired X-Men and Fantastic Four, and the fans are excited to know how these would be incorporated into the MCU. Some good and wild theories are doing the rounds of the internet. Find out more!

Now that the X-Men are available to Marvel, fans have been speculating as to how they will be incorporated into the MCU.

Fan Theory on X-Men and Fantastic Four
Fan Theory on X-Men and Fantastic Four

Ideas by fans

Speculations galore!
Speculations galore!

Fans have come up with some great ideas on how to introduce the mutants into the MCU. A Reddit user Lyndonguitar proposes that the writers could make the X-gene seem present but dormant ‏until now. Further, a forthcoming movie should contain the plot as to how the gene gets awakened. Professor X may be born in modern times and working at a school. The students would also have the gene present, but the life-changing event of the movie would awaken it.

Many comments on the post suggest that one of the three snaps in Avengers: Endgame could supply the catalyst for the gene to be awakened. The Eternals could also provide an avenue for the mutants to appear.

Kevin Feige on the X-Men

Kevin Feige on the acquired characters
Kevin Feige on the acquired characters

Feige is focused on providing the best entertainment to the audience and has been secretive regarding how he would move forward with the new acquisitions.

During the Comic-Con 2019 in SanDiego, the Phase 4 slate of the MCU was revealed, and the X-Men are not a part of it. According to Feige, Marvel is working on the ‘mutants’. Marvel’s will have a fresh take on the X-men. It will be different from the previous movies that featured them. 20th Century Fox made twelve X-Men movies since 2000. These include Dark Phoenix, even though it came out after the deal. The New Mutants will also be released in 2020.

Feige expressed his feelings about acquiring the X-Men and Fantastic Four and making them a part of the MCU, saying, “I’m extremely excited about those characters and about bringing Marvel’s First Family up to the platform and the level that they deserve.”

Tell us in the comments section below how you think the X-Men should start their journey in the MCU.

Also, while we are on the topic, check out the cast of The Eternals in this video.

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