Fans Blast Kylie Jenner as ‘Privileged Pig’ for Using Fuel Guzzling $70M Jet For 30 Minute Trip Because She Wanted to Party

Kylie Jenner is one of the most popular media personalities in the world. The KUWTK star is a businesswoman and runs her own cosmetic company known as Kylie Cosmetics. The star has a net worth of $900 million and lives in a mansion worth $36.5 million. In 2019, Kylie was also named the world’s youngest self-made billionaire at age 21 by Forbes. The title “self-made” was highly criticized. Nevertheless, the star is one of the most influential personalities in the world and has a huge fan following. Due to the star’s class, it is no surprise that the star loves spending money for personal pleasures. However, recently, fans criticized the beauty mogul for her elitist behavior.

Kylie Jenner is being criticized for taking a private jet for a 30-minute journey

Kylie Jenner

The star, who owns a whoopingly expensive private jet worth $70 million, recently traveled from Calabasas to Palm Springs to attend a party. The fans highly criticized the entrepreneur’s use of her huge jet, which uses tons of fuel to travel for 30 minutes.

It seems like the fans are not happy with Kylie’s disregard for the environment.

Pakistani actress trolled after resharing Kylie’s picture

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

Kylie traveled alongside her boyfriend, Travis Scott, and her two children and shared a picture of her breakfast on the jet via an Instagram story. The photo showed a plate full of fruits and other edible items. After Kylie posted the story, a Pakistani actress, Minal Khan, posted Kylie’s food picture and cropped out the ‘KylieAir’ tissue from it. This led to the fans trolling the actress for trying to fool them.

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Fans also criticized Kylie Jenner for posting postpartum body pics

Kylie Jenner's Instagram Story
Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Story

This is not the first time Kylie has been criticized for her action. The media personality recently received criticism for posting pictures of her postpartum body and stating that it is a result of a regular workout. According to the fans, the beauty mogul’s drastic weight loss following the pregnancy is a result of surgery and is in no way natural. The actress recently gave birth to a son with Travis Scott and has been trying to get back into shape ever since.

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