Fans Call Out Britney Spears – Longtime Las Vegas Resident – For Blatantly Lying After Singer Claims She Visited Bar for ‘First Time’ in Her Life Last Week

Recently, singer Britney Spears claimed on her Instagram story that she “went to a bar for the first time“. Now fans are wondering if the singer meant that she went to the bar for the first time in her life or after her 13 years of conservatorship. In the video that she shared on her Instagram story, she was spotted drinking a cocktail with her assistant and claimed that this was her first time at a bar.

The singer recently went to a bar with her assistant

Britney Spears
Britney Spears’ Instagram story

Britney Spears recently emerged from a 13-year-long conservatorship. She now has been enjoying her freedom and documents her life on social media. She recently went to a bar with her assistant, Victoria Asher, and had a cocktail. In the video, she can be heard saying, “This is my first time at a bar. First time. I feel so fancy and I feel so sophisticated.” She then turned the camera to her assistant who said, “We’re having a little beverage.

People on social media called out Britney Spears

Britney Spears with an award.
Britney Spears

A lot of people on social media claimed that her statement is misleading as they are sure the singer used to drink before her conservatorship.

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While a lot of her fans were happy to see that the singer finally enjoying her freedom.

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The singer wants to release a new album

Britney Spears
She will release an album soon

Recently, a source revealed that the singer is “talking a lot about her career” after her conservatorship ended in November, adding that she “loves creating music and wants to give her fans a new album. It seems like she is focusing on one thing at a time.” The artist’s attorney, Mathew Rosengart, called it a “monumental day” when her conservatorship was terminated. He said, “What’s next for Britney is up to one person — and this is the first time we can say this in a decade. It’s up to Britney. Britney, as of today, is a free woman.”

Source: Britney Spears’ Instagram Story

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