Fans Pour Their Heart Out for John Cena as He Meets Ukrainian Refugee With Down’s Syndrome

John Cena is an internationally known wrestler, actor and former rapper. Recently, he has been in the spotlight due to his role in Peacemaker, wherein he plays the title character from DC. The wrestler, who is also interested in joining the MCU, is not only a superhero on-screen but off-screen as well. The WWE star recently surprised a fan who is a Ukrainian refugee with Down Syndrome.

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John Cena meets young fan after being moved by his story

John Cena and Misha
John Cena and Misha

The young fan named Misha Rohozhyn recently escaped Mariupol with his family after their home was destroyed due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Misha’s mother, Liana Rohozhyn, wanted to bring happiness to her son’s life by allowing him to meet his hero. Needless to say, Misha was overflowed with joy and teared up upon meeting his idol.

The former rapper decided to meet the fan because he was moved by Misha’s story. Talking about the meetup, John said,

“When I read about Misha’s story, it reached out to me. Not just Misha’s story, Misha’s mom as well.”

John Cena went to Amsterdam to meet his young fan

Cena gave Misha a copy of his WWE championship belt
Cena gave Misha a copy of his WWE championship belt.

Misha lives in Amsterdam with his family, and since John Cena was in Europe and had a few days off work, he decided to go see his fan in Amsterdam. John and Misha spent the day playing with blocks and eating cake. Cena also helped the fan in putting on his “You can’t see me” gear. As a parting gift, John Cena gave Misha a copy of his WWE championship belt. Misha will surely treasure this gift for a long time.

John Cena praises Misha and his mother for their persistence

John Cena with Misha and his mother
John Cena with Misha and his mother

Talking about Misha and his mother, John stated,

“Misha’s ability to embrace persistence. That’s extraordinary. Those words ‘never give up,’ we’ve all thought about those in our life, they’re very powerful, and I think Misha is a great example. Misha’s mom, they’re two great examples of how persistence can lead to joy even during the toughest of times.”

Fans on Twitter praised John Cena for his love and support towards the fan

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