Fans React to Harrison Ford’s FAA Investigation for Piloting Error

The world might be under lockdown. But who says that it is enough to stop our Star Wars actor Harrison Ford from getting under FAA investigation. According to the latest updates, Harrison Ford is under FAA investigation for another Aviation mishap on April 24. The actor suffered a runway incursion, despite multiple warning signals. However, Fans, as usual, have left no stone unturned in openly expressing their opinions.

Keep reading to know what fans have to say!

Harrison Ford under FAA Investigation. Again!

FAA Investigation knocks at Harrison Ford's door.
FAA Investigation knocks at Harrison Ford’s door.

The 77 years old actor, was in Los Angeles, piloting a plane when he unintentionally crossed the runway of Hawthorne Airport. Moreover, continuous radio instructions were received by him, asking him to stay back.

A statement by Ford on Wednesday, claims the “runway incursion” to be an outcome of his misunderstanding. He claimed that he misunderstood the orders; luckily, there was no harm.

Ford clarified his act by saying that the purpose of the flight was to maintain aircraft proficiency. However, the FAA is busy investigating the incident now.

Fan Reaction

We all are thankful for the well-being of Ford as well as everyone else involved. However, nothing can stop fans from making some Star Wars and Han Solo jokes.

Some have also shown their clear discontent over the combination of Ford and planes.

The Incident isn’t the first

Ford and Plane: A Questionable Combo
Ford and Plane: A Questionable Combo

It’s no secret that such incidents have now been a friend to Harrison since 1999. For more than 20 years, the actor has been a part of multiple aircraft-related incidents.


In 1999, an incident of helicopter roll-over occurred at Santa Clarita, Calif., of which Ford was a part. His Bell 206 JetRanger, during a training flight, had failed in recovering power in time.


The actor, in 2001, was a part of a volunteer squad who flew over the Yellowstone National Park. Furthermore, the motive was to search for a missing Boy Scout, Ford located the boy somehow and made national headlines.


Moreover, in 2015, the actor suffered from some significant injuries due to a crash landing. Harrison Ford was in a refurbished plane- World War II training fighter. Moreover, the plane, according to an investigation, was worn-out and lost its power due to malfunctioning in the carburettor.


The experienced pilot Ford, in 2017, mistakenly landed on a taxiway with his plane. He also directly flew over an airliner, which was preparing for its takeoff.

Maybe he is a great pilot for Star Wars alone. However, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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